Dangerous Game


Never play poker with a demon. More to the point, never play strip poker with a demon. And not because he'll cheat, either. That's a given. It's what you might be stripped of in the course of the game that causes worry.

I can just see all the people clutching their souls in terror.


Your soul is perfectly safe for the moment.

I told you to never play strip poker with a demon, right? Well, that advice is slightly faulty. You should never play strip anything with a demon. Even if it's strip bingo and you kick ass at strip bingo.

You will lose no matter what.

He'll cheat, remember.

You may have noticed that I refer to demons in the masculine form. That is because most demons are males. Which might explain why they enjoy games that involve stripping so much. It throws the whole theory of sexlessness right out the window. Doing body shots with a demon might end badly.

Then again, doing body shots with an angel might end badly.

Please note that demons are not Fallen Angels.

They are the offspring of the Fallen.

Fallen Angels are a species unto themselves and are not to be toyed with. If you ever meet up with oneā€¦run. Fast.

Body shots with a demon might end badly. Body shots with a Fallen might kill you.

That's not to say you won't like the dying. They're talented bastards.

You can tell them apart, though. The Fallen have this holier-than-thou attitude. It's because they really are holier than thou. Demons, however, are generally just your garden variety kind of arrogant. It's a fine distinction, but an important one. It is important to know who you re dealing with. And how to play your cards, so to speak.

Sad thing is, neither demons nor the Fallen go around advertising their presence as such. So you can't really tell them apart from people.

Many people go their entire lives positive that they have never met a demon and that the forces of evil have not touched them.

They are wrong.

Evil is everywhere. As are demons.

Like that woman who accidentally jammed her stiletto heel into your toes on the sidewalk and put you into a foul mood for the rest of the day.

Or that lost-looking businessman who spilled a scalding hot cup of coffee onto your new white shirt and made you late to your board meeting, as well as burning your chest.

It could be that sweet little girl who ran in front of your car in pursuit of her ball who, remaining safe herself, watched with wide, innocent eyes as you swerve away from her and into a nearby tree.

Or it could even be a handsome young man in a bar with a drink in his hand and captivating eyes.

People you've never seen before and likely never will again. Unless you're very unlucky, that is.

I happen to be very unlucky.

After reading thus far, you are probably waiting for me to tell you how you can avoid a demonic encounter.

Thing is, you can't.

Unless, of course, you lead a puritanical life. Then demons will avoid you like the proverbial plague. As will everybody else.

Well. I have gotten quite sidetracked. My original point was quite a simple one.

Don't play games with demons.

It's not healthy.