I wrote this in the most boringest class ever. Planning 10. Bleck.


It slowly seeps in

Under the door,

Through the window.

Swirling pulling

Grabbing taking.

No thoughts allowed

No happiness felt.

The ceiling a wonderful

Shade of white today.

A sigh escapes,

Inviting it in.

What is it?

It settles on the carpet

But still flies in the air

Coming in by the second

More and more, until more still!

Why won't it go away?

Look away from the ceiling.

Count pink dots on green walls.

It starts to tremble and shake

Weakening and leaving.

No dots left to count.

With a sigh it comes back

Ready to suffocate again.

Boredom is setting in.

And that was the product of sever boredom, and a teacher whose accent is so thick that even if he could say something interesting it would be hard to understand and they're by be boring. Hope the poem was good though.

Happy Canada Day!!!

Rebellion Author.