Everyday gets closer to the end

Each moment gets more insane

And everyday, I can't explain away

The emotions coming over me

'Cause something's creeping up on me

As I shuffle through my dictionary

One word's jumping off the page


"A society characterized by human misery

As squalor, oppression, disease, and overcrowding." (dictionary . com unabridged v1.1)

It's kind of hard to miss the relevancy

With industry and overwhelming amounts of money

How's it that we still can't do anything

About dystopia

The TV taught me how to kill off my friends


I'd rather watch it than go hang out with them


I've seen the starving sleeping in the streets

But none of them has done a thing for me




I have heard there's a world there

Full of desperate people dead or dying

But I find it's hard to find an ounce of despair

When some preacher's asking me for money

And besides, it never goes

To those places, I suppose

'Cause the preacher holds a congress seat

That reinforces dystopia

Big Brother's watching through my bedroom window


And 1984 was nearly twenty-four years ago


What good is money spent putting everyone on video

When progress seems to move so slow

And all the signs say we're gonna go

To dystopia

Sometimes I feel so lonely (even with the cameras watching over me)

Sometimes I just want someone to hold me

But no one is there for me

So I'm there for nobody

In dystopia

Everywhere but here


They wouldn't dare come near


We may all live in fear

But it'll be a few a years

Before we try to stop