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'I get it now!' shrieked Bree as Aria smiled softly. She could feel Alex behind her. Close. A big hand crept around her waist, strong fingers running along her toned stomach. She tensed slightly and his fingers softened, slowing a little. His thumb found her belly ring and he began to roll it between his thumb and index finger.

'I'm gonna go tell Riley I get it!'

'Alright sweetie,' smiled Aria, laughter tinting her voice. 'Don't brag too much, be nice.' Bree grinned noncommittally, running through the room, slamming the door behind her.

For a moment, neither of them moved. Finally, Alex broke the silence. 'So how's school?' he asked with a smirk, his fingers running their course over her stomach, just below her shirt.

She turned to look at him, arching an eyebrow. 'I'm not even laughing at that.'

'Want me to help you with your homework?' he pressed, irritatingly, his hands drifting higher, fiddling absently with the clasp at the front of her bra.

'Oh I think you should leave so this school girl can get some rest,' she retorted, standing, letting his hand slip to his side.

Alex laughed. 'You know you want me to stay here. Or am I too distracting?'

'You're a bastard,' she muttered, stepping up in front of him, tracing patterns on his jeans pocket. He wrapped a muscled arm around her waist.

'You like it like that.'

She laughed softly, looking up at him. His hands slipped up her back, one running below her arm to rest on her collar bone, fingers dropping to caress her 'shirt'… 'You… You wanna play some pool some time?' she asked suddenly. 'I think that game still stands.'

He raised his brows suspiciously. 'So if you win I still leave you alone?'

She smirked. 'No. If I win…' she shrugged, a mischievous glint he didn't fully trust burning in her grey eyes. 'You keep those rough hands and mouth in check.'

He gazed at her in surprise.

'For a week…. I don't think you can do it,' she added with a shrug, brushing the fingers that rested on her breast. He didn't take them off of her; instead, gripping that little bit tighter, a repressed shiver running up her spine.

'You haven't won yet.'

A smile parted her lips. 'And if you win?'

'I think I'll keep my one.'

She looked up at him, her eyes suddenly serious and his grip slackened at the look, his hand slipping to rest on her hip. 'I'm not sure if you've noticed yet, Alex… But I'm already yours.'

His lip twitched into a beautiful smile. 'Fine, if I win,' he began, pushing her half forcefully onto the thick carpet, crouching on his knees above her. He ran the pad of his thumb over her parted lips and he could see her restrain the urge to flick them wet with that tongue of hers. 'Go on, do it,' he whispered, smirking.

Her tongue darted out, a quick movement, but long enough for him to run his thumb over it, the tip of his other finger catching at the corner of her mouth. He watched her throat bob as she swallowed, her breath quickening slightly. 'If you win…?' she prompted.

He smirked, watching her. 'If I win,' he repeated, leaning in close to her, the tip of his nose brushing the dark hair caressing her neck, his lips grazed her ear. 'If I win… I get to see you in black leather.'

She twisted to face him, her eyes widening. He smirked, rising back above her, braced on his forearms. 'Do you accept?' he asked, mock formally.

She paused a moment. 'Since when have I ever turned down a challenge?'

He looked down at her in amazement. This girl was so… Perfect? He nearly laughed at his own words. 'When's the game, then?'

'Tomorrow, seven? At the Eight Ball?'

'You're on… You know what that means?'

'What?' she asked, arching a dark brow, her grey eyes piercing.

'I've got about twenty-four hours… To touch you as much as I want.'

She rolled her eyes, shifting beneath him as his strong hand slid up her body, molding to move with her slim curves. She arched her back, ever so slightly, her breath quickening.

His mouth found her stomach where her shirt had ridden up a little. He sucked gently on the skin, nibbling. His tongue made its way to her belly button, running along the piercing, tugging at it. Her stomach muscles clenched and he marveled at the small muscles that rose to the surface.

Strong fingers grabbed the shirt hem, dragging it up her body and over her head, as he lifted herself a little to help him. Sitting back on his knees, he dragged her up with him, leaning forward, running his warm mouth over the swell of her breast, caressing what wasn't concealed by the black bra.

His rough hands were at the clasp, settled between her breasts. Here eyes slipped open.

'Don't,' she murmured, leaning flush against him, his hand trapped between them.

'You okay?' he asked, concern tinting his green eyes. 'See, I might not be able to do this tomorrow,' he whispered, running his free hand along the hem line of her jeans, fingers dipping at the waist band.

'I dunno, Alex,' her tongue wet her lips and he tugged her closer to him with the arm around her waist. 'It feels kinda strange…' she shrugged, falling back onto the carpet, him half following.

'Aria, I… I thought we were gonna…'

'Look, Alex, okay? Just… Just give me a moment.'

He sighed, bearing down on her. She turned her head to the side, looking past at her wall. He could see small bumps forming on her skin. Shit, she must be freezing. He knew how to make her warm. But she didn't want that.

He trailed a finger tentatively down her jaw. 'Aria, put a jacket on, it's getting cold.'

She turned to look up at him. 'One thing, first.'

A quick breath fled her lips before they met his.


Aria shoved through the school crowd, her lower lip stinging beautifully still, from Alex's harsh teeth. She left her mind to wander back. He'd stopped before going too far, as he'd promised between breaths.

She suppressed a moan as the images flooded back to her, those massive, rough hands, running along her body, caressing her thighs, holding her with one as the other worked at the buttons of her jeans.

And for the first time, she'd run her fingers over his incredible body; felt each muscle quiver beneath her touch. He'd let her run her lips over his stomach, loving the gasps as she'd looked up at him, her eyes not leaving his as her mouth explored his skin, her rising slowly up his body to lay on top of him.

She remembered vividly, the way he'd flipped them over, pinning her down and taking her mouth, gripping the side of her face, not letting her get away. His fingers had pulled desperately at her bra, but didn't undo it, leaving her decency. His kisses had started to turn rough. She loved the feeling, the way he totally dominated her. He dragged at her lip, tugging at it, his teeth digging in, his gaze locked on hers.

'Mmh, baby's lookin' good today.'

Her eyes snapped up to see Karl. 'What do you want?' she asked with a sigh, slinging her bag higher on her shoulder.

'No need to get defensive, baby… I just wanna… Talk…'

She laughed hollowly. 'Talk. Of course. About what?'

He shrugged. 'A mate of mine, heard about you. Says he reckons you'd be great at taking it doggie. He wants to try you out, care to meet him?'

'I think I'd rather not.'

'That's a shame, 'cause I've already said you'd be at the fountain today at lunch.'

'Mmh, that's not gonna work, seems I have an appointment at the cafeteria.'


Fuckers, the lot of them. She slipped into the classroom, following the flow of everyone else. Karl was moments behind her, his blonde doll clinging to his arm.

'Make sure you meet me at the fountains,' she squealed, pressing her breasts against his arm.

'Yeah baby, I won't be forgetting my girl, 'kay?'

'And stay away from that whore,' she added, glaring pointedly at Aria.

'How much silicon'd they use?' Aria called, looking at the blonde girl, her dark brow arched in question.

'How dare you!' she shrieked.

Aria shrugged. 'Was just curious.'

'Baby, I don't like her,' she whined, pouting.

'I think he noticed,' shot the dark haired girl, grey eyes challenging.

'Oh yeah? Well… Well I bet you're just jealous you don't get to fuck him?'

Karl's eyes lit up as he turned to face Aria.

Aria wrinkled her nose in disgust. 'I think I'm a little too into hygiene to do something like that.'

With a huff, the blonde turned, storming away, her heels clicking on the ground.


Her phone vibrated in her pocket. Jumping out of her half doze, she slid it open. A text from her mother?

Aria. Your father and I aren't getting along too well.

Oh, no fucking shit.

We're getting a divorce.

Her breath caught in her throat. Holy shit.

I want you to tell the twins.

Fuck! How was she meant to break something like that to them? Uh, hey Bree, Riley. Mummy and Daddy hate each other, okay?

Yeah. That'd go down real well.

Your father is already with another woman.


She's going to be moving in.

Oh no… No…

I think I might travel. Visit your grandmother in Colorado.

She slumped back in her chair. Holy shit. This was happening way too fast.

If I don't see you before I leave. I love you honey.

Fuck. Fucking hell.

Well, this week would be fun.


Her eyes narrowed as she passed the fountains, not pausing, even for a moment.

'Baby girl, where're you off to!'

She turned to the deep voice. The guy was taller than the others, not as tall as Alex, but built. She arched a brow.

'What do you want?'

'This is my mate, girl, the one I told you about,' stated Karl, standing beside him.

She shrugged. 'Should I care?'

'Oh you should, he's the one who's gonna be givin' it to you.'

She laughed, rolling her eyes. 'Please.'

'Oh you'll be beggin' in no time, sweet thing,' he stated. 'Why don't you come bend yourself over Daddy's lap?'

She wrinkled her nose. 'Yeah, have fun with your hand, mate.'

There was a round of 'Ooh'ing. Aria sighed, folding her arms over her chest, hugging her slim body.

'Baby, I won't take up much of your time.'

She laughed, her eyes glittering. 'Only 'cause you won't last thirty seconds.'

Then he was on her, her words tipping the scales. He wasn't as strong, or rough as Alex. But he was violent as he grabbed at her.

'What did you say, you little slut, you whore!' His hands grabbed sightlessly at her, pinching the skin on her side. That fucking hurt.

She twisted, breaking out of his grip.

'Hey, whoa. Jace, man, back off!' yelled Karl, stepping forward as his blonde barbie rounded the corner.

'You hear what she said, man?'

'Yeah I heard, let's just hope her tongue's as good at talking as it is at-'

'Baby-y!' Karl turned to Olivia.

Aria tugged her bag onto her shoulder. 'You'll be seeing more of me, bitch,' spat Jace, turning to look at her.

She smirked, feeling a bruise forming on her side. 'Jace, is it?'

'You better remember it, bitch, you'll be screaming it in no time.'

She shrugged. 'It's regarded as unhealthy to mix up dreams with reality.'


Pool tables stood in neat rows. Aria watched the men playing, looking over at the bar, then back to their games.

She'd already booked a table. She leaned her hip against it, waiting for Alex to rock up. It was ten past seven.

Strong arms encircled her waist. 'Bring on the black leather,' Alex whispered, his lips at her ear. He nipped it playfully, tugging gently at her belly ring with his fingers. She laughed thoughts of her parents and Jace forced to the back of her mind as she turned in his arms to face him.

'And if I win?' she teased, looking up at him.

He paused a moment. 'Then I'd better do this one last time,' was his answer as he ran a hand up her stomach to cup her breasts, the other slipping to grip her ass, fingers dropping to glide between her legs, his mouth descending on hers.

She shivered beneath his touch, hooking an arm around his neck. His tongue dominated her mouth, filling it with a define taste.

Grey eyes slid open momentarily, freezing at what they saw. Leaning against the wall, pool cue in hand, stood Jace, flanked by Karl. He smirked when he saw her, his eyes nearly inquiring as to Alex. Biting his lip he began miming spanking an ass. Her stomach tightened

A harsh bite on her lip drew her back to Alex. His eyes too, had flicked open. When they met hers, he pulled back.

'What's wrong, baby,' he murmured, his lips barely moving.

'Nothing,' she uttered, placing a small kiss on his jaw. He smiled quickly at the gesture before turning, following where her gaze had been.

'Who's that, Aria?' his tone was dead serious, a dangerous glare in his eyes. She shrunk back a little.

'Alex, no one, stop it, don't do anything stupid.'

'Aria, don't shit with me, I saw your face. Who is that?'

'Alex, stop it! It doesn't matter, okay?'

'Aria,' his tone was terrifying as he looked down at her, his green eyes dangerous. 'Don't fucking lie to me, okay?' She watched him keeping his anger in check.

'Alex,' she whispered, licking her lip nervously. She watched his eyes soften as he noted her nervous habit. 'He's just some guy.'

His eyes darkened.

'Okay, that came out wrong.'

He didn't say anything, moving to fold his arms over a muscled chest.

'He's just someone from school; he gave me a hard time once.'

His eyes darkened further. 'Did he now?'

'Look, Alex, it's okay, I can handle it… Trust me, okay?'

'What's his name?'

'Alex, it doesn't matter, okay, just leave it. Let's play pool.'

'What's his name?'

She looked up at him, flicking her lip nervously with that tongue. He glared down at her as she raised a hand pleadingly, running it nervously over his tense arm.

'Aria, what's his name?'

She looked round him, watching Jace gesturing lewdly with the pool cue, Karl grinning sickly behind him.

'Aria?' he demanded.

'Jace,' she muttered. 'His name's Jace?'

'And his friend?'

'Why are you acting like this?' she shot, her tongue running its course over her lip. His thumb was on her mouth, his fingers cupping her neck.

'Aria,' what's his friend's name?' he whispered.



Aria watched Jace's face pale as Alex spoke to him, his back to her. Karl shot glances back at her as Alex said something else.


'Solved,' murmured Alex, running his fingers along her waist as he passed her. 'Shall we play?'

She turned to look up at him, watching as the anger slipped from his face, a playful challenge replacing it.

She smiled. 'Sure.'


'I'm winning, I'm winning,' she chanted, taking a shot.

Alex wrinkled his nose.

'Anyway, you take your shot, I'm grabbing a drink. Do ya want something?'

'Nah, I'm good babe.'

Aria nodded, making her way to the bar.

'You know, I've never seen you scared, before tonight.'

'Fuck off, Jace.'

'Now baby, calm down, it's him that's giving you a hard time.'

'You don't know anything, about Alex, now fuck off.'

'Alex, huh? Let's replace his name with mine tonight, while you scream.'

'Fuck off,' she shot, paying for a drink.


'I won, and you're jealous. Hands off for a week.'

Alex grimaced. 'I don't think I can do that, baby.'

She smirked in the dark. 'You're gonna have to.'