A/N: Im sooooooooo glad u lyk mi nu peoms! Plz thnk chloe 4 bieng so nyce n profreeding em! Well herez som mor stuf abowt mi lyfe n mi fellings.

Btw its dedikatted (sp?) to evry1 who evr playid mi falsh.. who evr bietraiyed mi.

On the surface you were everything

but underneath there was only poison

And that venom still seeps through my veins

Like the aftermath of a water pistol




Trickling its viscous liquid slowly across

the heaving surface of my broken heart

I flip through the dusty pages of history

Trying to find the cure for poisoned blood

So I wish I had a leech to cling to me

To pierce my tortured flesh with the fang of salvation

And drink away your venom

To leave me lying here


But pure once again