Nights without sleep
And complexes of silence
Summer skies weep
Flowers bloom negligence

I'm making plans for the future
And cover-ups for friends
While I'll trek corners of serenity
I'll plan the plot, theme and end.
Surrounded by literature
Or asleep beneath the bend
I'll wear elegance or I'll wear comfort
I'll have a coin or two to spend.

I'll buy ink and pastry a plenty
And kidnap pages I'll never read
I'll encapsulate thought and entry
Of jounals and the scatter of seed

My company will be my own musings
My art and logic will suit as a crown
I guarantee I'll go at my very own speed
Because people just slow me down

There is only one state of mind
"Too Close For Comfort"
"Two of a kind"
But sometimes you need the intimacy
To gain and see what you're trying to find

Nobody fulfills perfection
Nobody surpasses sunlight
It is still nice to hold hands untainted
Its still nice to clasp close and tight


To be alone is necessity
Silence is all I require
Intricate designs fit perfectly
On a mask I've lost all desire

Carry Me Gently

All My Emotions
Chime Hollow
Every Smile
A Fabricated Journey Of Tomorrow.