The Tavern of the Crying Dragon

"The story of the Crying Dragon

Is a story of two tales so long

Two different tales, tapped together

In the name of this song

The tavern of the Crying Dragon

Stands near the road in Sairdaw

The place it's old, and it is known

By all the people in the town

Sairdaw's people, long have known

That in the tavern secret lays

But never they would tell the story

The story sad of that sad place

Firstly there are those two tales

The other it tells of this knight

Who came from Windlair's cathedrals

To slay the beast of endless night

The knight went to the monster's nest

That stood o'er the Hills of Dawn

There he found the beastling's kin

With scales and claws and hungry maw

He killed the offsprings of the beast

With their blood his sword was red

He left the lair to find the monster

And soon a trap the knight had set

The knight he saw the monster coming

Through the forest flying low

He had prepared and ready was

Soon shouted challenge he did throw

The story of the Windlair's knight

Does not tell what then did happen

The story it just ended there

When the knight was badly wounded

But the other story still is left

It's a story of the Dragon's tears

The Dragon old, who had a lair

And only one thing she did fear

She feared that someday she would find

From her lair the broken eggs

Her eggs so dear, her children's homes

Broken into thousand shards

When nothing happened Dragon sighed

She was relieved for fears were fake

And soon her children, they'd be born

And so the Dragon flight did take

She left her nest to find a prey

So when her children they'd be born

She would offer them her prey

But she didn't know she soon would mourn

For when the Dragon she was gone

In her lair the eggs they cracked

All little dragons, scales and tails

Together in the lair were packed

Baby dragons, still so small

Confused they were, and also hungry

They didn't know what they should do

And also they soon were so angry

And when there in the hidden lair

Something came, something moving

The baby dragons they just knew

They needed food for their living

But they were small, they just had born

Though they had claws they didn't know

How to prey to kill their food

And what then happened – that all you know

The Dragon then she returned there

And looked her lair and babies dear

All eggs were shattered, children dead

And true it was – worst of her fears

And that's the reason for the name

Of tavern old, near Sairdaw's road

The tavern of the Crying Dragon

For that day Dragon's tears did flow

So stories two, there were known

The other of the Windlair's knight

And other of the Dragon's nest

In neither of them there was light

For both of them so sad they were

The tales that gave the tavern's name

The Crying Dragon, beastling's tears

And the knight who slain became"

(By: Wyrd)