Ripped to shreds

Scattered on the ground

Blowing in the wind

Evidence wont be found.

Shaking in the bitter cold

Rain washing away all that you know

Lost in a world empty of all

Hope drains away, the rain turns to snow.

Dead inside, wishing outside would follow

Footsteps fade, never to be seen

The never ending world shows no signs of release

Stumbling forward into places unseen.

Moving forward, step by step

Never any farther, but you cant go back

Pulled forward by an invisible leash

Around each turn is a mental attack.

Had enough, choose to pull back

The leash goes taught around your neck

Stumble and fall, going forward less and less

Life is being lost, don't care, your a wreck.

Leash pulls tight one last time

Never did that leash look so kind

As when it empties your last breath

Letting you leave the world where you were confined.