Night of Pleasure - WARNING contains F/F slash, as all my stories do - ha

A lone figure sat at the bar drinking a scotch. The door to seedy looking place opened and in walked a woman. She looked around at the bar which contained only a few people until she spotted someone. She took out the piece of paper and read it again.

See looked at the loner sitting by herself, pale blue t'shirt that strained her built body and dark cargo pants.

She walked up and sat next to the lone woman and ordered a drink. The loner didn't move or offer conversation just drank.

"umm excuse me, is your name Ashlee by any chance."

The loner shifted slightly and took another swig.

"who wants to know"

"Umm I'm Georga and I was given this name by a friend and you seem to be the only girl in this, well nice place" half laughed the woman

"Hmm and why did this friend give you this name" asked the loner

"Well because you"

The loner glanced irritated

"I mean because this woman does things, services" stuttered the woman

The girl in the blue shirt sniffed loudly and drained her glass facing the woman "Oh yeh and what services do you mean" leering at her

"umm, well" blushed the woman

The loner looked the woman over and guesses she be early 30s, well manicured in appearance and dressed way to well for the dive she was drinking in.

"Well what did your friend say about this Ashlee" asked the loner again

"Well she provides sexually services, for a fee" shuffled the woman uneasy.

The well dressed woman was feeling uncomfortable, uncertain this loner was indeed the girl she was looking for. She seemed very young, early 20s, her shoulder length hair covered her face when she leaned over the bar.

The loner faces the bar again. "so what were you looking for in the way of sexual services"

"So I take it you are Ashlee"

The woman nodded "yup"

"Ok well what are the costs" blurted out the woman quickly then bit her lip

Ashlee smirked at Georga's uneasiness "first another drink" holds up her glass to the bartender who provides another scotch.

"Well let see, it really depends on what you want." Ashlee started with manner of fact tone. "If you just want heavy, full on kissing, pashing no fondling type thing its about $15.00, say 15 mins. If you prefer a little more hands on" looks at Georga "fondling, penetrating well that's $60.00. Now if you want the works, then its $150.00 for an hour." Ashlee took a mouthful waiting for Georga's response.

"well ok, umm the works I'm sorry to be vague but I've never done this before"

Ashlee leaned in encouraging Georga the same.

"the works means I will go down on you, lick your pussy of all the cum you are currently spilling as we speak" Ashlee clicked her tongue and returned to her drink

Georga blushed, was caught off guard at how well Ashlee was reading her responses.

"So what's it going to be hun" Ashlee got to her feet and waited for a response.

"umm I have $150.00" said Georga, felt uncomfortable with the term 'the works' as if she was ordering take away.

Ashlee smirked "well ok, lets go" Ashlee heads off towards back of bar and looked over shoulder "well you coming" winked at Georgia

They headed outside behind the bar down a dark alley. Georga became uneasy at thought picking up a woman and now following her down an alley.

Ashlee looked over her shoulder and noticed Georga reluctance to follow. "cmon its not far, little motel around the corner."

Georga started having second thoughts immediately picked up by Ashlee. Not wanting to lose her money walked casually up to Georga and leaned in kissing her tenderly. She pressed her against the alley wall and kissed her harder, tongue dancing deep inside Georga's mouth. Ashlee ran her hand down Georga's tailored shirt and massaged between Georga's thighs. She stopped kissing "you really do want to come with me, I can feel it" coos Ashlee

Georga finally breathed out and continued to follow Ashlee.

They got to the motel and Ashlee snuck along the wall to avoid the night manager.

"Aren't you going in to book a room" asked Georga

"umm no, unless you want to rent a room for an hour, it will cost extra 100.00. Relax, I have a key."

Ashlee puts her ear to each door before stopping at one. She pulled out some wire and forced it into the key lock

"Ashlee you don't have a key, I don't want to get into trouble" Whines Georga

The door clicked and Ashlee held door open "get in" Ashlee closed the door and looked at a horrified Georga and laughed

"Hey you came looking for me, for a good time, so far only one of us is having a good time" winks at her

Ashlee went to the mini bar and grabbed the small bottle of champagne popping the cork. She drank from the bottle. Georga was still standing just by the door, thinking perhaps she should back out

"come here" said Ashlee in a reassuring voice

Georga went to Ashlee and half smiled "I guess I didn't know what I"

"drink, help you relax" hold the bottle of champagne to her lips "come on hun"

Georga took 2 to 3 mouthfuls of champagne while Ashlee finished off the rest. "Georga right"

She nodded

"ok babe why don't you take a shower, use that nice shower gel I like they way it smells"

"You been here before" closed her eyes "of course, this is where you take the girls" half chuckles Georga

"You prefer the back alley" nodded across the road "just take a shower"

"But but I had one this morning"

Ashlee grabs small bottle of scotch and cracks it "look Georga its like this. I'm going to be eating your pussy, well hopefully at some stage tonight and I'd prefer something that not 8 hours old."

Ashlee moved to Georga and started unbutton her top slowly while kissing at her neck, nibbling lightly. She let the shirt fall and grasps Georga's large breasts thru her bras, squeezing.

"go take a shower" flicks her tongue inside Georga's mouth playfully "so then I can play happily inside your pussy" presses finger into Georga's crotch.

"ok" Georga disappeared

"jeez about time" Ashlee walked around and drained last bottle in the mini bar, she then pulled off her tight t'shirt and examined her breasts in the mirror smiling. She ran her hands thru her hair and faces the shower door when she hears it open.

Georga walks out with towel around her "oh my" she gasped at seeing Ashlee semi naked.

Ashlee took that as a compliment and moved to Georga.

The look Ashlee gave out made Georga back away a little, like she was about to be the lamb at slaughter. Ashlee grabbed Georga.

"hey where you going sexy" she launched her lips at Georga kissing her intensely. Georga held Ashlee's forearms for support as she returned the kiss, demanding more.

Ashlee moved her lips down Georga's neck, biting, licking until she was on her shoulder, a hand under the towel massaging one breast. She discarded Georga's towel and held both of Georga's breasts firmly.. Her mouth still punishing Georga as a groan escaped when Ashlee broke the kiss.

Ashlee sat on edge of the bed and encouraged Georgia to straddle her as unleased her long slender tongue at Georga's nipples. She sucked them hard and bit down gently.

"oh my god yeh" called out Georga

As Ashlee sucked she pushed her finger down into Georga rubbing her sensitive spots. Georga leaned back, opening herself further

Ashlee licked up Georga till hovers over her lips "your drenching wet" smirking at one of her goals met.

Georga just nodded. Ashlee pushed Georga onto her stomach and dragged her own breasts up and down Georga's back, she let her tongue work up and down while rubbing and grabbing Georga buttocks. Georga pushed back and Ashlee let her hand sink between Georga's pussy, feeling her swollen clit. It bought an immediate response.

"yeh that's it more please" begs Georga

Ashlee continued to stroke her evenly, feeling her build up until she the moaning and shaking started, she commenced assaulting at clit in firm presses, rubbing. Georga started crying out, thrashing around as she climaxed loudly.

Ashlee touches Georga causing her to shiver.

Ashlee rolls her over and leans down "you like that hun"

George face red just nodded

"Hmm good"

Georga sat up and rubbed Ashlee's breasts, squeezing and massaging.

Ashlee grins "you loving playing with breasts"

Georgia nods and leans in licking her nipple, sucking it. Ashlee thrusts them forward letting Georga have full access.

"your tits are so beautiful, so petite, you're so hot Ashlee my friend was right in recommending you" mumbled Georga's words

Ashlee thought best get back to work and pushes Georga down. Georga very excited continues rubbing hand down Ashlee's chest then in-between her thighs, she quickly reaches inside and grabs a handful of Ashlee's pubic hair

Ashlee quickly removes Georga's hand and pins it down. "uh uh that's not part of the agreement hun"

"oh cmon you mean to tell me I don't get to play around with you." She says disappointedly

Ashlee grins "You paid me to service you sweetie, remember, but I'm touched by the offer"

Ashlee brings her lips down on Georga while her knees open up Georga's region. Ashlee massages Georga's furry mound drawing in her groans

"more please" begs Georga

Ashlee grabs pillow and puts it under Georga's hips lifting her up. Ashlee parts Georga's juicy wet lips and sinks, her long, slender tongue instantly finding a home inside Georga's opening.

"oh fuck" cries out Georga immediately, hips bucking up "oh hunny…..oh baby" she whines.

Ashlee loves the sound of her client crying out. Georga groaning starts rubbing at her clit for further stimulation.

Ashlee stopped licking and pulled her hand away from that spot

"hey, don't think you getting a deduction for self gratification. Any how this is a solo gig hun, leave it to me." Ashlee cruelly flicked at Georga's spot before roughly penetrating Georga with her finger, pushing in deep.

A groan in pain at first then started to ride Ashlee's finger. Ashlee wasted no time in putting in a second then a third.

"oh baby…. Yes Ashlee please, please" whined Georgia.

Ashlee removed herself from the over excited Georga and set upon her mouth, kissing forcibly. Georga's hands clutches at Ashlee, whines and moaning

"Ashlee fuck me, fuck me now" cried out frustrated Georga

Ashlee quickly dived below into Georga's depths again, this time to complete her job. She scooped up her juices swallowing the continuing flood. She felt Georga's hand on her head holding her to one spot. Ashlee grabbed Georgia hips and lashed continuously at that spot

Georga started calling loudly, grunting as her orgasm was about to come away

"oh yeh…oh yeh, oh god fuck me Ash….fuck me" voice almost screaming

Ashlee worked harder, pushing her face further in, a finger disappeared into Georga's opening, pushing high. It was enough to send her over the edge crying and panting her climax.

Once all the commotion subsided Ashlee surfaced and wiped her face with her hand.

"that was amazing, you ejaculated into my mouth." Ashlee grinned "fucking fantastic"

Georga just nodded as she was still trying to calm down. Ashlee kissed the inside of Georga's thigh causing her to shift from sensitivity.

Ashlee looks at the clock and gets up, grabs her t'shirt and puts it on.

Georga sits up "you going already" she says disappointed

Ashlee faces and shakes her hair free "uh ha, have other clients"

Georga eyes narrowed "is that so"

Ashlee laughs "so you got my money"

Georga scoffs "you're serious"

Ashlee nodded as she tucked in her tight t'shirt

"oh my god you are serious" growls Georga

"Hey we made an agreement" said Ashlee

Georga goes into her bag and pulls out the money and holds it in front of Ashlee

"ok but seriously, where are you really going Ash" asked Georga in slightly demanding tone

Ashlee puts money in her pocket and moves and pulls Georga into her arms giving her a long, lingering kiss.

"Ok seriously, games aside I'm going pick up dinner and meet you back home in say" looks at her watch "an hour"

Georga shrugs "well that's all the cash I have, how am I going to pay for this place, that we only used for 1 hour."

"Ashlee shrugs "lets just leave, it's not like you gave them your real name"

Georga looked away bashfully

"what, oh for christ sake G you never give your real name, what's the point of playing out a fantasy if you not going to play it out as if it's real."

Georga looks down ashamed.

Ashlee lifts her girlfriend's chin "hey I'm not angry" kisses her again.

Ashlee reaches into her pants and pulls out her wallet. She grabs her gold Amex card and gives to Georga

"put it on my tab. See you in an hour lady, you have some catching up to do." and winks as she walks from their night of pleasure

"love you" says Georga all coy

Ashlee turns slightly "love you to G"

The end