I kept getting headaches

Trying not to cry.

"He doesn't care about me."

The thing I'm forced to say at night,

So I believe it in the day.

He was the only star I truly wished upon

As he crashed into my life.

I'll believe him now when he says

He doesn't love me.

Nothing else could be true after three

Years and his story hasn't changed.

Secret kisses don't mean anything,

And kind words weren't meant to be said,

I've seriously got to get these fairytales

Out of my head.

There are no princes anymore, or dragons to fight.

There are no second chances, or virginal damsels in plight.

Moving on, I remember I let myself

Cry for you, To show I really cared.

They never meant anything, because you never saw them,

If you had,

You wouldn't have known what to say and simply turned away.

I've stopped believing now,

I've stopped trusting so easily,

I never heard the song of love when I saw him,

He's only a friend.

But sometimes I still get headaches

At night,

Now though,

I never let myself cry.