Withered Life

I awoke from a dream, while in a soothing slumber
I see the magic, in many years combine
I can't believe it! Is it possible?
I was brought back to the past, which has made me such
I see trees of many leaves, soon withered with sadness
I walk upon a hill so bright, but then it crashed
Into a million pieces! I stumble across the treacherous evil in me
While having the past, haunt me like crazy
I shall not stand any longer, being betrayed like this
I shall not dwell in this, but to make my life worth while
I can't stop this feeling, of being hurt again
People who walks in and out of my life
Were those who favoured, me with words of wisdom
But most of those, who remained in my life
Cause nothing but pain, right from the start
To the love of God I shall have my faith onto
To the love of my family I will always do
To the love of my friends, I shall lean shoulders too
But I can't help it, but to feel the betrayal
Was just plain evil, as I have to go through life happily?
Some would still think of me as an enemy
And would tear and shred the life out of me
I shall pray that one day, that they shall let me be
I shall pray I shall live the life I want in my own way
Doth this day, would be in my dying day
That I shall be somebody, and to be happy
How much withered leaves, shall cover me?
Let it be in a million pieces, as long as they stay away from me
I hate this feeling, I hate this feeling
To those who look down on me, you were a waste of my breath
And one day, something that's precious to you
Will fall upon you, which is you're in sorrow, filled with death