paradise bird.

I had feelings for a certain impossible

if I had been tried to make it possible

I would be scared of losing the only thing

(love) that makes me stronger...

there are so many ways to say goodbye

but I don't want to say anything

forgive me for running away like this.

everyday let's fly together

the edges of the sky cut our chains

with our palms together

fingers entwined, let's fly together.

what was it that I came here believing in?

dream is a piece of hope to buy bliss

that melts like butter in bread of irony

even though nothing is forever

can you still taste the honey

remained in the palate of your memory?

everyday let's fly together

no matter if today is a rainy day

there's always a sky to meet us again

let's fly...

you don't aware but your love makes me stand my ground

I'm in love with "life" 'cause of you,

your kind words make me smile

so when I'm upset, I think of you to realize

I'm not living in vain at all

powerful wishes are born from heart

so fragile, slip out my hands

where is love from? It arrived to save me too late

what will happen if our love never dies?

time may be forgotten.