Soundtrack: Everything.

Sharks In Africa

There are so many songs, so many melodies that break my heart and have me shivering on the floor. The baseline echoes trough my body as I lay there, and I wish I could turn it up louder. I wish I could break the world with sound. I wish I could make you see and paint a rainbow around my eyes. Pour a bucket of sparkles over your head, and have snowflakes stick to your eyelashes.

I'd make you see the pretty I see; I'd wipe away crystals and cheer only for you. I'd sing you a song with my bad, bad voice and I'd trip and fall just so you'd laugh. We do listen, but we miss out and the cd skips, skips, skips on the final beat, and we're never allowed to hear the last line of that song, and our special-ness dies away with the sun.

It rains now, and you're standing there, water around your feet and golden hair sticking to your cheeks, with a smile grazing somewhere near the corners of your lips and I think that maybe, maybe we'll buy another album and say it's ours. We'll have a new ending, a new final song, and a new bridge that could takes us anywhere in the world of glass-shards, and empty cans of diet coke.

A piano plays and I step closer, I let the rain fall down on me and it turns into wind. My legs are bare and there's ecstasy in the air. We take each others hands and I want so desperate to pull you close, whisper so low that only your lips could hear it; that hey, I wrote a song for you today. But you're already on the other side. There's grace in your movement, is this what they call ballet?

I follow and we step inside a dream. There are stars over our heads and underneath the ground. I see them shining trough, and they make your eyes look violet instead of blue. Pretty most would say, awful is what I think. It's not REAL, it's the wrong song, this is number three on album twenty-four, we're supposed to have come further, and we're supposed to listen to another one.

But we don't and you sing in a mumble-voice, grey sleeves long and torn covering your hands which are painted red because of the cold. See stars make us freeze, and nightime kills away my life. Anxiety rules and I'm on my knees, fingers showed deep down my troath and I'm anywhere but here. This isn't love. Techno plays and I stand again, you're gone, but the dancefloor blinks in neon and I try to move.

Stuck in a moment, and I remember how much you hate that song. Commercial-radio-shit you call it and turn your head. I dance anyhow, clumsy all around the room and I wonder where you are. I don't know these people, and I don't like their touches. And then the scenery changes and we're in Africa, on a shore and the sharks are swimming oh so close. You stare at them and throw them chocolate. Caramel Chew Chew I read on the wrappers you've thrown on the ground, now half buried in the sand. I want one of those and then I black out. It's too much seeing you love someone else, and chose another road then me. What about us?

What about becoming a princess and overtaking the world, what about paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty?

Have you forgotten, or just stopped believing? When I wake, we're still in Africa and you're eating leaves of the ground. Green around your mouth and black eyeshadow around your eyes, they match so good I dare a smile. You're such a monkey and I wrap my arms around you and pull you close. Together we pick each others flaws and throw them down the river. Suddenly the soundtrack to our life fits again, and Africa turns into your garden. The sun shines, but we're still alive, and we're still special. I'm laughing out loud and happiness tickles deep down inside. I know we'll stick together and be friends forever.

Everyone needs dreams.