Author's Note:

This extremely odd story was partially inspired by "The Luck of the Irish" a movie I caught on the Disney Channel, and oddly enjoyed. It has mainly come out of my desire to write fantasy, and write something utterly bizarre. Go figure.

I dedicate this story to Snow, who is Kathryn to my Jazz. And to Bria, who introduced me to

And I'd like to thank Cameron Crowe for giving me the best movie of 2000, 'Almost Famous'

I now give you:

Strange Magick

I woke up in my bed. I was lying half on and half off. There was a bump on my head, and it throbbed rather loudly. I could hear my roommate shuffling about the room. He noticed I was waking up and walked over to the bed. I forced my eyes open and pushed myself up further on the bed.

My roommate is Patrick O'Brian. He's from Ireland. I had just moved in with him this semester. It was fall term and my second year in college. College was a smoother transition then I had anticipated. Perhaps it was because my best friend and current girlfriend Kathryn was here, at the same school with me. Or maybe it was because I desperately wanting to get away from my parents and get out on my own.

"How ya feeling Jazz?" asked Patrick, handing me an ice pack for my head.

"Fine," I respond, placing the pack of ice directly on the bump on the back of my head. My name is Jasper Harris. Most people call me Jazz. It started with Kathryn. She's one of those people that immediately shortens your name down to four letters, as if she were making it easier to remember.

Kathryn and I had known each other since grade school. There was a common and automatic connection between us that was as though everything we'd experienced earlier in life was half invested by our souls, and suddenly, by us meeting, we were whole. If you believe in soul mates, we were it.

My eyes focused and I looked up. Patrick stood next to me like nothing was wrong. And at that point, everything seemed okay. I quickly noted Patrick's physical appearance, almost subconciously. Long sleeve hooded shirt, jeans, red hair, and pointy ears. Now, you're probably wondering about the last two. Patrick comes from a clan of Leprechauns that are based in Ireland. You could call this an exchange student program of the insane. Either that or you think that bump on the head is starting to effect me. Well, allow me to explain. Patrick is a Leprechaun; I wasn't playing with you on that one. You're wondering how he can attend school since leprechauns tend to be rather extremely vertically challenged? Simple, it's a bit of Leprechaun magic that allows them to pass for human, which is why people don't see them much anymore. It's complicated, and I'd rather not get into it too much.

I was having a rather oddball day that day. Perhaps I should start at the beginning:

I woke up that morning like any other. Patrick was already up and on the computer, checking e-mail. A leprechaun checking e-mail, only in America. Now, mind you I did not know his…umm…heritage yet. I slowly climbed out of bed and made my way to my closet.

"Aye, it's colder here than Ireland," he said to me in between bouts of typing.
I pulled my bathrobe out of the closet and headed for the door, groggily nodding and not quite processing anything. The only thought going through my mind was "Morning classes suck"

I walked across the hall to the bathroom. I opened the door and walked in, being enveloped by the hot steam cloud rushing out of the warm bathroom into the cold hallway. I find myself standing under the stream of hot water, waiting for my mind to wake up. I reflect on the schedule of classes that I am currently flunking. Probably taking a math class the first term back was not such a hot idea. I grab the shampoo out of my toiletries basket and begin to wash my hair. Damn it all, I think to myself.

I towel off and resign myself to the fact that I am not student material. Math sucks and the world moves on in perfect working order. I remain standing in the middle of the bathroom, wearing nothing but a bathrobe.

I walk back into the bedroom and Patrick is still on the Internet, now paging through website after website on…who cares? I get dressed. Normally I would have felt modest and tried to shield myself from Patrick, but his eyes were so glued to the screen, he failed to notice. I placed my wallet and keys into their respective pockets and placed my watch and ring on my hands. Ring on the right hand ring finger. Watch on the left hand, just above the wrist.

I grab my Walkman and walk out the door. I turn up the volume, listening to an old Rolling Stones song, partly to try and ignore everyone else and partly to wake myself up. Class was about ten minutes away, and I was certain I was going to miss it. I felt a tapping on my shoulder. I quickly spin around, hitting at least two people with my overloaded backpack. I come face to face with Kathryn.

"Hey Jazz, I need to talk to you later," said Kathryn.

"What's wrong with right now?" I ask, pressing the button for the elevator.

"Well, it's kinda complicated, and you have class," she replies.

"Who cares? I'm flunking it anyway," I reply, completely serious.

"Okay, why don't you come down to my room," she replied, not exactly agreeing with my decision to skip class but didn't want to argue.

She drags me through the crowd that has developed in the hall to her dorm room. Her roommate was no where to be found. I sit on her bed, hoping that the news is good, like she got one of her letters published in the school newspaper, or that I was being insensitive earlier, I apoligize, she smiles, and we have a little raw footage.

"I'm a witch," she says, as though it took a great amount of effort to get out.

"I'm sorry?" I ask, not quite having processed what she has just said.

"I'm a witch," she replies. I shake my head. My world is spinning and I want to get off.

"Jazz, don't freak out on me. Please"

"Freak…freak out? Me? You just told me you're a witch," I'm losing vital signs.

"It doesn't change who I am. I just need you to understand that this is a part of me too."

"Well, okay. So you do spells and potions and stuff?" We've got wooziness.

"Yeah. Only good magic though. Nothing bad."

How reassuring, I think to myself. I can't get up. I want to, but my body won't cooperate. Thoughts, random intangible thoughts are rushing through my head. Nothing makes sense anymore. Reality is lost in a sea of senselessness.

"How…how long?" I ask, stammering like a fool.

" For as long as I can remember. My mom and my aunt are witches too," she replies. The spinning speeds up.

"I am Jazz's complete and total RECORD-BREAKING load of surprise!" I exclaim, completely losing whatever sense of calm I may once have had. Hyperventilation sets in. I can't get any oxygen. ("Oxygen gets you high. It makes you docile, euphoric. You accept your fate." -Tyler Durden.) I want to scream. My world is turning upside down, and it's not even lunchtime.

"Look, I realize it may be a lot to take in, but I'm not really a different person. Just a little more open, that's all," replied Kathryn, trying desperately to comfort me. I stand up.

"I need some time to think," I announce as I leave the room.

Kathryn doesn't follow. I almost expected her to, but perhaps she anticipated my hasty exit. Predicted it. I rushed down the hall. At first I think the bathroom would be an appropriate destination, but I decide my room is a much better spot. Why you ask? I couldn't tell you.

The puke splattered on the concrete below. The students scattered to the sides, yelling out in disgust and surprise. I apoligize and close the window. I wipe my mouth. There was no sign of Patrick, to which I am thankful.

"Jazz!" I hear Patrick call out. I spin around, looking for him. "On the desk," he says. I look at the desk. There he stands. My roommate, still dressed in his t-shirt and boxers (a nighttime fashion tip from yours truly) The only differences were the aforementioned red hair, pointy ears, and the fact that he was a foot tall.

"Patrick?" I mumble. We've lost cabin pressure. I don't even remember hitting the floor.