Life as a Fairy Tale

Once upon a time
Starts a story with a happy ending
Unless you read the original
Because they're quite gruesome
But then, so is life

There was a beautiful princess
Oh please, is that really how you're going
To make the reader identify with the character?
Your target audience doesn't exist
Because each day we're more disillusioned
And won't buy into your campaign

And they all lived happily ever after
Sure they did.
Until they died
By committing suicide
Because happily ever after
Was too boring to bear

And the moral of the story
Wait a minute
There's only one message to get from this?
What about my interpretation?
Don't you know a joke's no good
If it has to be explained?

Something I wrote when kind of annoyed in general. Please hit the review button to tell me what you think of it.