She rubbed her hands together
As she explained to me
Just how we would get back at the boys
For stepping on our mud pies
And hiding all our toys
And making so much noise
During our naptime

I heard no anger
As she just told me how
We would spoil their game of hide-and-seek
And knock over their finger paints
And "accidentally" sneeze on their dessert
And tease them with kisses on the cheek

I heard only excitement
And eagerness and glee
As she explained it all to me

First we would tell the seeker
Just where to find all the hiders
Then we would run by playing a game of tag
While they were painting
And our arms would flail and wave
The spilt paint was an accident, we would swear.

Then after dinner
When the boys would be all excited
Because tonight we would have cake
Then . . .
We would be so sorry, we would swear
But the sniffles had been bothering us all day

And then just a little while later
When it was quiet time
And we were silently sitting
With our picture books
Then we would strike
Kisses on the cheek for all
Oh! We were going to have a ball


But when it came time to spoil their fun
We couldn't find the hiders
So we couldn't tell the seeker
And when their paint spilled
It got on our dresses
And they had fun making even bigger messes

And they didn't care about the sneezes
We sneezed on their dessert
And we were so grossed out by them
That we couldn't eat our own

So I though the cheek-kissing game was off
But she started it anyway
And it caused such a raucous
That we were sent to bed early
While the boys got to stay up late

And it could tell
She blamed them for our awful fate
Then her eyes began to shine with unshed tears
And she rubbed her hands together
As she explained to me
Just how we would get back at the boys this time

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