Chapter five

Chapter five

International Defense Unit

Scanning through various files and sites Mercury discovered a military unit known as the International Defense Unit, IDU for short. They were looking for people for the Special Abilities division. This would give her more access to government files and exactly where to look. Maybe then she could find out what exactly happened to her parents.

"What the hell are you doing up so early," asked Flame wandering dosed into the kitchen.

"Finding out how I'm going to leave all you people."

"Well do it quieter, people are trying to sleep."

"Whatever Flame…" If I leave though I'll be leaving my friends. Yet if I live entirely by basic underground law "We only have temporary allies and friends, and must be ready to move on." I must be ready to move on to the IDU in order to find out more about my parents. The school was getting way to questionable anyway.

"Well then, I've found my way out," Mercury said to herself. "Back on earth, and the quest continues to find out what really happened."

Into the void I go,

Never to return,

The downward spiral seems to continue,

Endlessly drifting down,

Pulled along I struggle to go up,

The stars and space seem so far,

Back to the cruel earth,

Maybe one day I'll see you again,

As for now I'm lost.

All signed up and ready to leave Mercury stood to take one last glance of the beautiful space around her. Standing there sad because she wouldn't get to say goodbye to Seifer or Zell. Soon it was time for her to leave. The space colonies would never look so peaceful again.


Note: Wow that sucked. That sucked bad! Well hey! I didn't want to write it! It's Mira and Ella's fault! OK, well… that's the end of my crappy story. J