I shivered, but enjoyed the chilly breeze upon my face. Fall had come, full force, and it was a blistery fall, to say the least. I pulled on the new rake my Mom had bought early today, hauling a thick pile of crispy brown leaves towards me. The one we had from last year was old, and had nearly ever second tooth missing. It barely did the job that we needed it to, with it being so old and used. We had a lawn full of tall oak trees, that hung heavy and full of beautifuly rich green leaves in the summer. I loved them, but they also sort of drove me nuts in the fall.

I squinted my eyes as I peered into the sun that was slowly creeping down behind my big, old house. We lived on the very edge of our town, Jillinville, where the oldest houses stood. My Mom and I lived in one of the very first houses that were ever built here, and I loved it. It was so big, and everything was made of wood; all hard wood floors, wooden steps and wooden cupboard, to say the least.

Corin, my big, ash coloured greyhound came running blindly from the back yard. She jumped and nudged me lovingly, like she hadn't seen me in years. I laughed, and gave her the attention that I knew she wanted. Tossing down my rake, and rubbing her head affectionatly, she sat her large body down by me, and indulged in the extra love.

Her ears perked up, and she jumped to her feet.

"What is it, babe?" I petted the dogs head before she bolted to the hedging that seperated my lawn from the neighbouring lawn, "There's nothing there, sweetie. No one lives there."

I bent down by the heavy hedging, and rubbed my dog as she sat, wagging her tail expectedly.

"Someone lives there now."

The heavy voice from the other side of the hedging was sharpe enough to make me jump. I bloted to my feet, my face flustered and hot as Corin jumped and panted for the strangers attention.

"Hi," A dark headed, middle aged man smiled and held out his hand, "I'm sorry if I scared you. I'm just here to check out the house before the rest of my family gets here. I'm you new neighbour."

"Hello," I catiously and shyly took his hand, and shook it gently, "I hope you like it here."

"I'm sure we will," He let go, and smiled with his warm brown eyes. He had high cheek bones, and a perfectly defined jaw bone, wavy, thick brown hair, and a charming crooked smile. I could barely help but imagine what kind of ultimately gorgeous woman could have won him over. He, himself, was gorgeous. He lifted a muscle man-hand to the house, "Have you ever been in there. It's huge! It's about three times bigger in there then it looks on the outside."

"Yeah, the houses here are really old and big," I blushed as he watched me talk, "Our house is pretty huge, too."

"I'd love to meet your family. Maybe when we get settled in, you and your family could come over for a nice house warming get together?" His eyes cast to the front door of my house, "That must be your Mother," He raised his hand in a wave.

"Hello," Mom joined my side, and gave the beautiful man a suspicous look, "Who are you?"

"I'm your new neighbour," He shook her hand, and continued on by explaining where the rest of his family was (back in their old house in Nova Scotia, finishing the packing) and how he'd love for our families to get together.

My Mom was a victim to his milky chocolate eyes, and gave into his friendliness, "That would be absolutly wonderful."

He reached over the hedging to pet Corin, and dog heartily licked his hand, "And whats this beautiful's name?"

"Corin," Mom said, and then laughed, "And what would yours be?"

"Oh, I'm sorry!" His cheeks flustered, but he didn't loose his cool, "My name is Hank Redin."

"I'm Lisa King, and this is my daughter, Emily," She smiled, "My husband, Kellen, is out of town on business, but he'll be back in town in about a week."

"That's perfect, that's around the time the rest of my family will be in," Hank looked down at his watch, and then bent over to grap one of the couple boxes that were sitting at his feet, "I'm sorry to cut this short, but I've got some things to do in the house. I hope I'll be seeing you guys soon."

"You will," Mom said, then added, "And if you need anything, we're right across the way."

"Thanks," Handsome Hank responded, "I'll keep that in mind."