Sacrificing myself for everything I dream of
and giving what is left, over to you.
Oxygen leaves my lungs with just one breath,
faint I fall down with nothing left;
hold my hand as I pass away into this world
the one I fought so hard in life for.
And when I rise don't change your eyes
for I want to never leave your gaze.
I did this for you, I did this for us,
for the dreams I could never sleep through.
But what darkness has come over me?
My eyes can not open, I can not see.
Where are your strong arms to wake me?
Why can't I find your beautiful face
in this darkness that penetrates it all?
Oh, such horror will rest in your features
when you realized that your seeking
has lead you to a broken heart and love.
Seize my limp body and cry yourself to sleep,
I sacrificed my life in order to keep ours.
Oh now I'm sure it soothes your heart none,
but soon you will realize what I have done.
No longer will my lids lift above my eyes,
no longer will my lips move for speech
no encouragement will slip from my tongue.
I threw it all away, I took everything,
all for my everything, and only for this;
the future that will soon become reality,
and the smooth sensation of your hand
in mine, for this eternity beyond earth.