Just a note before you read: this is a slam poem. It is meant to be performed quite energetically and therefore reads differently than page poetry. Just keep that in mind while reading, and enjoy! (Or don't enjoy it, that's up to you. But do review, either way)

Vending Machine

Voice 1: The vending machine

Voice 2: It totally gave me C1 when I totally typed in...um...well...

V1: It was some letter and then 7

Both: I think it was B

V2: But, the point is –

V1: - that it gave me something other than what I asked for. I mean

B: How annoying is that?!

V2: Have you ever had that happen to you?

B: Put your money in, type in a number,

V1: And then the little turny thing doesn't turn, but a different turny thing turns, and-

V2: - you get something other than what you wanted?

B: Or, in my case

V1: The little bar thingy rises out of the deep, dark depths of the machine, and a bottle falls out, and, and, and…..

B: It gave me C1

V2: I wonder if there's a function in there somewhere.

V1: Type in C, you get B

V2: If the number is even

V1: And E if the number is odd

V2: What if the number is ………….zero?!

B: Then, if you type in 1,

V1: The number you actually get

V2: Depends on the previous letter.

V1: Or maybe it's

B: Completely random!

V2: Now the point is…

V1: Machines are evolving to have minds of their own, and before you know it

V2: The juicers won't be juicing

V1: The alarm clocks won't be alarming

V2: And the microwave tray will rise from its base

B: As a UFO

V1: And hurl itself into the thermosphere

V2: The computer chip will take over our minds

V1: And the plasma in our TV screens


V2: And eat us all in our homes