I never lied, even as I was pushing you away

I was always straight up and in your face

But you'll take my "No" s how they please you

Play with my words to make something new.


I was always honest, even when I was hurt -

When I was hurting you;

But you're taking the hurt in a different way

You're not letting me leave or walk away.


This relationship is so much like a stormy night,

Forcing everyone inside,

Except we're the storm and the rain and the clouds

And we're making mayhem everywhere we try to hide.


There's too much static going on between us

Our particles aren't supposed to touch, there are words you shouldn't say;

But you're touching anyway, whispering against my conscience

And it's making me react in the strangest way.


What you want is like a giant hand at my throat

Choking me while I scream for my mercy

But you're not letting go until you get what you want

I'm begging but you can't hear me.


I never lied, not to you at all

Even when I was hurt, when I was hurting you

But you'll take my No" s how they please you.

Play with my words to create something new.