Stay Away

Promises break, much like hearts

And they turn cold when they're abused

Lies follow you, and so does the knowledge

That you were being used.

I was prepared to give you my heart

But I turned back at the last moment

Looking back, I'm glad I didn't

I couldn't stand it if you owned it.

The last few weeks were something short of un-fabulous

I breathe a sigh of relief now that it's over

I'll deny that you ever existed

Watch me shrug you off my shoulders.

I can barely be next to you now

Let alone in the same room

I want to take you and hurt you

You're recovering way too soon.

Don't blame me for being selfish

Don't even speak ,this already sounds cliché

I got tired of you long before I realized that your love is all a lie

So do this for yourself if not for me, just stay away