Taking Risks 1

Jemma is a newly-wed at young age 22. Her husband John is a successful building engineer all of 30. He decided to take Jemma on a cruise for their honeymoon. What she didn't find out until on the cruise he had invited potential clients as well, in the hope of securing more contracts for his business.

Only a few days into the cruise Jemma felt bored and alone. Her new husband has spent hardly anytime, off busy with his clients and leaving Jemma to her own devices.

Early evening Jemma sat in their large honeymoon cabin. She looked out the large window as the sun was setting. She looked around the empty cabin which contained a small dining area, large flat screen TV. She moves into the bedroom and lies down with a book and sighs.

"ahh I'm so fucking bored" she groaned and threw her book down.

Her husband ditched her after dinner was up in the High-Rollers casino. He explained it was a boy's night that would help with his business.

Jemma looked at her watch reading little after 8pm. "right" she called out and got up and dressed in jeans and shirt. Casual but tailored as John prefers all Jemma's clothes to be flattering to her lovely figure.

From her cabin she headed for the lift that will take her to the top deck nightclub and hopefully some conversation. She waited outside the lift when she heard fainting dance music from behind. She looked at the stairs that lead down into the depths of the ship. The door slightly ajar had a sign 'No Authorised Entry'

Jemma shrugged and pushed door open and headed down the stairs towards the music. She walks along a corridor that had other corridors branching off. She continued to follow the music.

Her travels ended when she reach a large open room, poorly lit. Along one wall was a small bar with one bartender. There was only a dozen or so people listening to the music and drinking.

Jemma leans over the bar "hello" she says overly cheerfully

The guy turned around and instantly smiled back "well hello there, and what would miss happy like tonight."

Jemma thought a moment, she was sick of champagne and fine wines "bourbon" she requests strongly

The bartender raises an eyebrow and nods. Jemma reached into her pocket for her cash card.

"no….no charge for you" he says

Jemma shakes her head "oh thanks but really I'd rather pay" she protests

He smiled and didn't take her card "you're new I take it, look down in the staffing areas you don't pay for alcohol, but you can only drink down here, not with the ship's patrons"

Jemma nods "right I don't remember being told" she plays along "anyway I'm Jemma" happy to finally have someone to converse with

He shakes her hand "I'm Sam"

They chatted for a while when someone lined up next to her and ordered a beer. The girl looked at Jemma and smiled

"hi there" offers her hand "I'm Ally"

Jemma shook her hand and introduced herself. Ally noticed Jemma had almost finished her drink

"So I'll get this next round" Ally nods at Jemma's glass

Jemma nods "Oh you don't have to pay down here"

Ally chuckled "yeh I know….so you must be new" looks at Sam and winks

Jemma laughed "gee I must have new written on me somewhere"

Ally laughed with her "well I've not met you and I know pretty much everyone on this ship."

Sam nods

Jemma not wanting to lose their attention "umm yeh just hopped on few days back"

"Cool, so what's your trade" asked Ally

"huh" replied Jemma

"what are you employed for" and gave Jemma her drink

"ohh umm" Jemma trying to think quickly remember her previous job was a salon consultant before she got married and then had to quit and never work again

"I work in the salon, you know facials, manicures that kind of think" Jemma adds with confidence.

Ally nods "you like it"

Jemma shrugs "It's ok, if you don't mind exfoliating dead skin and waxing hairy women"

Ally laughed "a job is a job, right Sam"

Sam nods

"well what about you Ally"

The question caught Ally off guard "well I am…a gym instructor"

Sam scoffed and turned away

"you know keeping people in shape, why come on a cruise to relax and then spend it working out" chuckles Ally

Jemma drained her drink shrugs

The room started to fill with more people

"shift change" announced Sam "going to get busy"

The two girls grabbed another drink and moved off to a quieter part of the room. There was a moment of silence when Jemma caught Ally looking at her

"Are you checking me out" asked Jemma with a giggle

Catching Ally off guard "umm no, I was just wondering about that chunk on your finger."

Jemma looked down at her diamond ring on her wedding finger. "It's just a ring" she played down

"so you belong to someone" pushed Ally

Jemma frown "It's something I liked, I bought it and wear it" lied Jemma

Ally looked Jemma straight in the eyes and when Jemma didn't flinch accepted her explanation. They spoke casually for an hour while Jemma kept looking at the dance floor which was crowding

"you wanna dance" offered Ally


Both drained their drinks and headed onto the floor and when the music slowed down Jemma went to leave

"don't go, just one more" suggested Ally

Jemma accepted as her inhibitions slide away from the alcohol. She steps in closer to Ally, while Ally casually rest her hands on Jemma's hips swaying slowly.Jemma rested hands on top of Ally's and eventually they rested against each other. Jemma felt relaxed against Ally and didn't bother when Ally put her arms around her.

Jemma gave off a giggle "you know I don't usually do this with strangers"

Ally looked down at her "well I'm not exactly a stranger anymore, not after 2 hours"

The girls moved back to the bar for another drink. Jemma was starting to feel too warm and took the ties from her hair and let it fall.

Ally was immediately captivated "you have such beautiful hair" she compliments

"oh thanks, I don't wear it down all that much"

"why not you look naturally gorgeous" continues Ally's compliments

"well my job requires me to wear it up" Jemma gets agitated "damn it hot, do you want to go up for some air" asked Jemma

Ally nods enthusiastically.

They head up to the deck and leaned over the rail looking at the water washing past the ship.

Ally boldly strokes back some of Jemma's hair. Jemma looked away shyly from the attention.

"hey don't be embarrassed" said Ally "I don't usually go around telling girls they look beautiful, just I wanted to tell you and especially in this moonlight"

Jemma nodded "Well I'm just not used to such compliments" the last time Jemma remembered her husband complimenting her was 6 months ago on her wedding day.

Ally moved in closer Jemma's "well I'm only being honest, I pride myself on that part of my nature" she confesses

Ally the back of her hand down the side of Jemma's face and back through her hair "definitely a beautiful creature" coos Ally

Ally hovered above Jemma's lips. Jemma deep down knew this was going too far and yet she didn't want to stop because she was having so much fun. "we should stop" protest Jemma weakly but didn't back away

"why" almost whispers Ally

"umm" Jemma offered no reason and so Ally sank down onto Jemma's soft lips. Slow and steady kissing that Jemma didn't back away from.

Ally snatched at Jemma's lips again while wrapping her arms around Jemma's tiny waist. Jemma now returned the kiss, rubbing her hands up and down Ally's arms. Ally released her tongue, teasing at Jemma's lips. Jemma let a little moan escape allowing Ally's tongue to sink inside her mouth. Jemma's body very much aroused pushed herself into Ally as Ally increased the intensity in their kissing.

Jemma unexpectedly broke the kiss and stepped back

"Jemma" surprised at the sudden reaction

Jemma reach into her pants and pulled out her mobile phone which was vibrating. She flips it open and frowns

"Jemma is everything alright"

Jemma trying to regain her composure "I..umm I have to go Ally" flips down the phone

"why…what's wrong" asked Ally nervously

Jemma looks at Ally now was uneasy. "it's just a client, I have to go"

"what this time of night" looks at her watching reading after 11pm

Jemma already preoccupied as her phone buzzes again walks off

Ally grabbed her softly "hey can we catch up again"

Jemma broke free "I umm don't know, bye Ally"

Jemma enters the cabin and her husband came out of the bedroom

"I've been calling you for ages, where have you been" asked John

Jemma shrugged it off "Out partying, dancing….meeting people" she stressed the last part.

John snatches a kiss and frowns "you've been drinking"

Jemma sighs "well yeh had one or two" as she staggers into the bedroom undresses and gets into bed hoping that would be the entire inquisition.