Taking Risks final

Few hours passed and Jemma pushed the door to Ally's cabin open. Ally glanced over her shoulder at the visitor

"Jemma you silly, foolish girl"

Jemma shrugs "I used to be someone honest that would take responsibility for her actions. I needed to be that person again Ally."

"John" asked Ally

"he's not talking to me, I'll wait until he calms down before trying again."

"Did he hit you" Ally looked at Jemma's face

"No…no John isn't like that" Jemma pauses "So did everything work out, you not in trouble"

"umm kinda"

Jemma notices Ally's backpack was on the bed and cupboard empty of clothes

"Hang on I thought this was cleared up, I don't understand" Jemma confused

Ally smiled "well although I didn't steal anything from your husband, sleeping with a ship's patron is instant dismissal and evicted at next port." Ally looks at her watch "in about an hour."

Jemma put hand to her mouth "so this is it now"

Ally nodded "I'm afraid so. It's ok I've always want to see Mexico and I was getting tired of being on the seas."

Jemma leaned against Ally's door shaking her head

"hey come on don't do that" hugs Jemma "you have things you need to sort out with your husband"

Jemma wipes her tears and looks away

"Jemma I just hope he sees this as a wake up call. To appreciate you more is what I mean. You are so beautiful and he should not take you for granted."

Ally kisses Jemma's forehead "I have many more goodbyes to make, you take care of yourself Jemma. I will think of you often."

The ship docks and Jemma looks over the side as the people unload themselves. She watches in anticipation and finally sees Ally leave across the gang-plank. She didn't look back.

Ally stood on the side of the dusty road looking at her timetable. She estimated about an hour before the next bus.

She sits down on old bench and takes a drink from her water bottle. She pulls out a hat and smiles. It was the one Jemma gave her from their shopping trip. She puts it on down over her eyes and rested her head back.

Not long she heard the sound of a bag dropping next to her and pushes the hat up and got to her feet immediately

"Jemma what in gods name." started Ally she looks at her watch "The boat leaves in half an hour, its almost an hour back." Panics Ally

Jemma smiles "I'm not going back"

Ally runs hand through her hair "Jemma this is no good, it's not right"

"You said I needed to take risks, well I'm taking one right now."

Ally starts to pace the ground trying to take it all in. Jemma smirks at Ally's reactions

"Anyway you did invite me, or was that just a line you use on the girls you take to your cabin." Asked Jemma

"no…absolutely not, I meant it…..at the time." Groans Ally, still looking at her watch. She looked around for transport "that was before I found out you were married"

Jemma grabs Ally to face her. "Ally I'm serious"

"Jemma I can't give you everything, but he can. He is the one you should be with, he can take care of you."

Jemma rolled her eyes "I don't need anyone to take care of me. Ok I'm a bit naive but I want the chance to experience life. I don't want it already mapped out for me and is what John has done for."

"then why did you marry him"

"because I was young, he swept me off my feet and at the time that was what I thought I wanted, but now……its not"

Ally kicked the dirt at her feet "what did you tell him"

"He knew….I'd made my decision pretty much once I left your cabin. Ally my heart isn't with John."

"now you just have a messy divorce to deal with" groans Ally

Jemma shakes her head "no…our wedding will be annulled. I met John when I had nothing and I have left him the same way…..well kinda" said Jemma uneasy

Ally runs hands threw her hair again and grins "I can't believe you left him for me" scoffs Ally

The bus was rumbling down the road towards the pair

"No Ally I left him for me, you are just a bonus."

Ally hugs Jemma "God do you have any idea how crazy I am about you" laughs Ally

Jemma laughs "Well you never said in many words, but yeh but I get your drift."

They kissed each other when Ally stepped back "You are going to have the best time, we can spend at least 3 months in Mexico."

The bus started to slow down as it neared the two girls

Ally jumps up and down excitedly

"Ally, there just one other thing" said Jemma

Ally notices Jemma's immediate change of demeanour

"You do want me right" asked Jemma

"Absolutely hun, you and I, we are a team" confirms Ally

"I did take something from John, he doesn't know about it but I need to know you are going to be ok with it"

The bus pulls up and doors fly open

Ally looks at Jemma with concern "what"

Jemma shuffles

The driver yells out "come on"

"Ally I'm pregnant, it wasn't sea-sickness. The ship doctor confirmed it and I'm about 7 weeks."

"jeezus Jemma" Ally in shock "and you didn't tell him, why"

"It doesn't matter why, what's important is this something you can handle."

The bus driver beeps at them

Ally grabs Jemma's face and kisses her passionately, reassuring her. "sweetie I'm ready for anything as long as its just you and me." Ally pats Jemma's stomach "and baby makes three."

Ally picks up both bags and they get on board the bus. Ally sits down and Jemma slides in next to her. Ally drapes her arm over Jemma's shoulder and pulls her close

Ally looks at Jemma "can I tell you I love you"

Jemma smiles and nuzzles down into Ally "yes" she looks around at the crowded bus "I think words would be more appropriate than actions in this case. Ally drops her lips onto Jemma in a long, lingering kiss

Jemma rested her head on Ally's shoulder as the bus takes off down the road, a faint sound of the ship's horn goes off in the distance.

The end