By:Andrew Troy Keller

You could do anything in the great outdoors--like for instance,go out with some friends on an overnight camping trip.
Linda and Blake Foxworthy had gone on such a camping trip,never knowing that it was going to be an unusual one.
Their friends,Cindy and Steven Adams had entered the local national park in order to do one certain thing--to come into contact an extraterestrial spacecraft.
However,Linda and Blake had thought that Cindy and Steven were really going to be there to do some stargazing and that was it.
Or at least,that was what the Foxworthys had thought,for before they had reached the campsite of their friends,they were encountered by a local ranger,who had advised them to stay away from the campsite.
The reason why he had done so was due to the many disappearences of past campers who had camped out at the site before the Adamses.
"Well,thanks for the warning.",said a smiling Blake,who was thinking that Cindy and Steven had hired him just only to scare him."But,if it is all the same to you,we'll go say hi to our friends at the site anyway."
However,after the Foxworthys had left a confused ranger to himself and had drove up to the campsite,Linda had gotten out of the car and entered the tent,in order to find Cindy.
Blake,however,had turned towards an open field,and called out,"YO,STEVE-O!IT'S ME,BLAKE!LINDA'S WITH ME!"
But suddenly,since Blake had recieved no answer,he had turned around and recieved the shock of his life,for hovering above the campsite was an oddly-shaped object,and it was firing a beam of light on to the tent.
Then,just as soon as the spacecraft had disappeared back into deep space,a still-shocked Blake had raced towards the tent and was relieved to see Linda still in one piece.
He had also discovered her in a state of shock and with good reason,for standing in front of them was a naked Cindy Adams.
Which had proven one certain thing--that the Adamses had finally encountered a Unidentified Flying Object and only Cindy had returned to tell the tale.