All around me I am faced with deception and despair,

Sinister faces continually appear from unlikely places,

People of comfort constantly become few.

All around me I see signs of betrayal,

And my 'true' friends dwindle to two.

People are completely ignorant of my plight

And many 'friends' know nothing of what I go through.

Time goes on and so does my never ending torment,

Death is not the answer and I wish I knew what I should do.

I hear a whispering going on,

Rumors that resound in my head.

They say that of my two friends

One will show their colors true.

I didn't want to believe it,

Neither would bring me more hurt.


What's this new pain I am feeling?

It's a stabbing pain in my heart.

Looking I see a danger plunged in my chest

All the way down to the hilt.

I guess I should've listened to the voices.

As one 'friend' twists the blade

I guess I am destined to a life of betrayal.

But at least I can have this to say

That at least the final person of trust

Tried to catch me as I fall

So I guess as I slip into darkness,

At least I didn't experience the betrayal of one more.