Chapter One

Charlie slowly exited her small Honda Civic dreading the class ahead of her. Thanks to her mother she was forced into taking a ballet class full of women between the ages of twenty and twenty-five, while she was only seventeen. Her young age didn't mean that she lacked experience though. She had been dancing for twelve years, and it had developed a skill that was much more advanced than most had for her age, and that is why she was standing outside the dance studio.

"Damn you mom," Charlie whispered under her breathe just before she entered the studio. God, she hated her mom sometimes. Ever since her parents had gotten divorced when she was eight her mom had become one of those crazy pageant moms that really wanted their children to succeed. As an after effect Charlie and her older sister Mary had been entered in every dance class that this small town had. Thankfully Charlie loved ballet, so it didn't bother her much that her mom was insane and always trying to get her to do her best. Mary, on the other hand despised ballet, and her mother finally lightened up and enrolled Mary in soccer camp.

Charlie was thanking God for her love and skill at ballet before she walked in, praying that she would fit in. She had never fit in much at school or with the ballerinas. Kids at school thought that she was just obsessed with ballet and was a loser, and ballerinas in her class were too stuck up for her to deal with, so Charlie ended up being a loner. This was her summer before she left for college though, and she hoped that it would also be the summer that she could change her social status around.

She pushed the door open only to see one of the hottest guys ever standing before her. He was like a young Brad Pitt, with strong biceps that were meant for squeezing. She thought to herself, I think I'm going to like this class.

Matt looked up when he heard the door open, only to see a tall, willowy young woman with amazing dark brown hair that seemed to be blowing in the wind even though it was a humid day in mid June.

"Who are you," Matt inquired, hoping that she would say the answer to your dreams.

"I'm Charlotte Lockwood, but people usually call me Charlie. I signed up for your class last week. This is the Advanced Ballet class, right?"

"Yeah, this is it. You're early though. Why are you here anyway? You look a little young for this class."

This prompted Charlie to quickly put her hands on her hips and sigh, "look, I've been dancing for twelve years, and I am probably ten times as skilled as the people in this class. Who are you anyway?"

Damn, she is a spitfire, Matt thought. I wouldn't mind getting her in the sack if she is half as feisty as she is now.

"The names Matt. Matt Brake. I-"

"You are the teacher, right? You look a little young to be the teacher," Charlie gasped, the shock in her voice obviously apparent.

"Yeah, I'm the twenty-five year old teacher. You are the last person I expected ageism to come from though."

"Well, I'm just an advanced student-"

"And I'm just and advanced teacher."

This forced them to stop and glare at each other. Both were thinking that this was going to be a very long class as a flock of other ballerinas waltzed into the room.

After twenty some girls had arrived and warmed up Matt began his class.

"Now I know many of you women have been dancing for many years," he began (after giving a cold stare to Charlie). "This means that you have tons of bad habits, and it is my difficult job to break you of them. In reality it will take around two weeks to do that, and then we can begin to learn some new dances."

This caused quite a stir among the women, because as mentioned earlier ballerinas are quite stuck up, and believe that they have no flaws at all.

"Calm down ladies. I have no doubt that you are wonderful dancers, but think of this as a learning experience that will help to better your technique, and morph you into perfect dancers," Matt stated apologetically. Charlie had to give him that, he definitely knew how to get what he wanted. She observed how he already had them eating out of the palm of his hand, and no doubt would a few of them be staying after class to get some "extra help."

Matt then began to direct girls to the bar and dictated dance moves so that he could see where people where experience wise. Charlie ended up being last in his inspection, and she knew that that would allow him to examine him for a longer period of time. She bent over a couple of times, with her perfect posture, but he felt the need to correct her. They both had the unspoken knowledge that he just wanted to touch her.

As Matt touched her spine, he immediately felt himself harden, and quickly pulled away. Charlie just smiled, knowing what she had done to him, and enjoying the power that he had given to her.

"That's good girls, but we still have a lot to learn. We will begin with-"

"Sorry I'm late," a sexy male voice intruded.

Matt turned around, and the expression on his face was priceless. He looked like he had seen a ghost, and it encouraged the rest of the class to turn around and see what he had been looking at. The man that had caught Matt's attention quickly garnered the girls' attention, because he was a work of art. Beautifully sculpted muscles and a chiseled face made him a work of art. Charlie, along with the rest of the female population was about to thank him for being here and allowing them to be in his gorgeous presence when Matt's voice interrupted their sexual daydreams.

"What the hell are you doing here Ben," Matt angrily inquired.

"Mmm, Ben," a leggy blonde named Teri sighed.

"Hey man, I just came to take this class. I heard it had a wonderful teacher, so I just had to check it out myself," Ben exclaimed in an extremely cocky tone.

"Please excuse my brother and I. Carry on with your exercises and I'll be right back," Matt said as he hustled his brother out of the dance studio.

Once they had left people started to abandon their posts and whisper about the sexy brothers.

"I hope Ben joins the class."

"I don't know which one is hotter, Matt or Ben."

"Did you see his arms? Yummy!"

Jesus, Charlie thought. There are some airheads in this room. It's amazing they don't just float away. They are pretty sexy though. They are both cocky as hell, but they will definitely make the summer interesting.