Let me preface this by saying that I was having a really odd day when this all started. It was one of those days so unusual that at some point, one becomes immune to the shock of additional weirdness. It started with Silas actually being decent to me and ended with a fight with my seven-year-old neighbor.

I mean, Silas wiggled his eyebrows at me in homeroom! Who does that? Not Silas, for sure.

"Is there something wrong with your forehead muscles?" I asked him.

He smiled and ignored my concern, which was fake anyway. "How's Lit since I left? Boring?"

I was determined to show him I knew he was onto something. "It's fine," I muttered suspiciously.

"Too bad," he continued. "Maybe we'll have to see more of each other… outside of class, to make up for the deficiency."

I didn't even know he knew the word deficiency. "Look, just turn around and find someone else to bother."

"Your loss," he said in parting.

The truth was, it scared me how fake my resistance was. I mean, I was cold to him, of course I was. Because he was only being funny in trying to ask me out. Because kids like him think that sort of thing is funny. But what if, one day, he didn't? It would be fun to hang with his crowd, I can't pretend it wouldn't. Clearly they're shallow and stupid, because they make fun of me and I have to define everybody that makes fun of me as shallow and stupid in order to defend myself. It doesn't matter. Sometimes the people you secretly like will not-so-secretly dislike you. And your opportunity vanishes. But it all stays up there, in your mind.

The fight with my neighbor was just stupid. He's a weird kid, and I think I accidentally stepped on his pet ladybug or something.

So, having turned down a perfectly respectable fake date proposition, there I was, Friday night, on the internet. What was the point of moving in with a lax, guilty dad and a trendy young step-mom who let me out after curfew if I had no life anyway? Having checked in vain for updates from my favorite RPG, surfed You tube for a pointless half hour in which I discovered the Monkees and promptly got sick of them, and uploaded my weekly web comic "Tales from the Drawing Room", which had approximately four readers, I was forced to conclude that if the internet had nothing more to offer, I would have to start my research paper.

So I ended up at a site I hadn't visited in years. Checking the "miscellaneous" section, I was amused to note that they'd added a category called "People". So they were finally jumping on the bandwagon and allowing Real Person fics, huh? Hmmmm, in place of a list of subcategories, there was a window in which one could type. There must be so many celebrities being ficced, I thought, that there was no room for all their names! Typing in Jubilee O'Toole's name, I amused myself with summaries of fics in which Jubilee fell in love with her co-star, who left her for his secretary, donated her fortune to charity and went to teach Indian schoolchildren trigonometry, or went emo and wrote only in plain chant for the rest of her life.

Turning it Around by AznBaby34

Yeah I suck at summaries basically Jubilee sees this beautiful sunset and stops hating on everybody and gets nicer and marries Brad Pitt. Read and Review!

Fiction Rated: K – English – General/Romance - Chapters: 1 – Words: 492 – Reviews: 0

Never Let the Critics Get You Down by TheOnlyNicoletta

Jubilee first gets the idea to play guitar in grade school from a street performer who gives her some very special advice. Flames will be used to toast marshmallows.

Fiction Rated: K+ - English – General – Chapters: 4 – Words: 2532 – Reviews: 2

I couldn't decide if I wanted to curse the all-encompassing public eye or write some of my own. I spent a few minutes typing in names. As always, had everything. There were politicians, actors, and of course bands.

Random Torture of a Crazy Author by JustinTyme

Cheri Lynch wakes up one day and is suddenly ULTRA CONSERVATIVE! Lol. Why? Because I said so and I'm the author. Read to see if I'm nice and change her back.

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On a whim, I decided to do it. I typed in my own name, Minerva Woods. (Call me Minnie or die). And contrary to all my expectations, results came up.

Lots of them.