You must try to understand. Understand that one day I did try. I did hope for a better light, a better hope, a better fight. I got a better person. How come all that is whispered in silent voices of feelings means so much more than a piercing scream of truthful lies? How come one day everything changed, although not by request? Farther away from reality, closer and closer to you. And I say I don't need an explanation. Maybe I lie. Maybe I choose not to question something so special in all its incomprehensible joy. So, maybe, it all does matter. Maybe you do matter. How come I change everyday and everyday you seam to already know the new me? How is it that you can understand me better than anyone I ever met? For my life was always filled with lies, hypocritical disguises of myself, for a soul I did not yet know. Yet, with you there's no need to lie. You don't request that I know myself so you can know me. Why do I feel like I know you, when I don't?

You once told me you were looking for a good person and found an amazing one. So did I. How come this happened, so fast, yet so slow; so simple, yet so complicated? How come you want to explain the world but feel no need to explain this? For this is special, it's magical. It is something I am yet to understand. You ask me why I care. I ask myself the same. I ask myself why you need to know me in order to let me know you. I ask myself what part of this is true, if any at all.

Maybe I regret seeing more in this than you do. Then again, maybe I don't. I didn't want to see this any differently, even if I could. It's not just another lucky life found among all the others. Maybe some would say it is fate. Some would say it is coincidence. But what do you say, night owl? I am yet to determine what I say.

So, maybe, we don't need and explanation.

But, maybe, I'm tired of maybes.