THE DREAM The door opens, you walk in The door's gone as if it had never been.
Amazing beauty fills the eyes As you watch the dancing twirling skies.
A tree stands there with golden leaves While watching you through the light it weaves.
The world is filled with wonder and joy Visions fill the eyes you employ.
Eleven moons laugh and dance Trying to get your wonder enhanced.
Flowers appear to tower over your head Bringing brilliant shades of blue, yellow, and red.
The flowers smile in delight As you float by this wonderous sight.
Approaching a rainbow that could lead anywhere You step on without pausing to care.
The stars greet you as you sail past Showering you with light that will forever last The sun talks to you far from above Bringing a message of peace joy and love.
Its time to leave, you know this full well Everything told you what they wanted to tell You savor the last sight you get to see And then walk away from this amazing dream.
The door reapears waiting for you to be retaken Eventually the sleeper must reawaken.