Look there is the path

that I once conquered well

and It fought it forever and a day

It was one I then redoubled...

Footstep, obstacle, every scene on my way--

--I saw them again and again

Till I stood where I had begun.

It was a grim day.

Because my clothes were wet--

--weighing me down

And the world spun round and round.

I stood still for a moment

Forever perhaps. (But it no longer matters, you see)

It was there I stood and stared

Watching the path

I'd conquered—only to return on...?

Yes. Definitely a grim, grim day.

I remember thinking

'Did I fight in vain?'

No one will know

What I've accomplished...

No one...

But I was fine with that--

And I smiled.

And the day was not so grim a day after all.

Because through that mistake

(for surely it was one)

I had won the world...

Or so I thought...

Then, staring into infinity

(for the path went on and on)

I thought again...

I succeeded and no one will know...

But that's how life goes...

Isn't it?