AN: The last word of every line to this poem was listed out (by someone other than myself) before I wrote any of it... And I wrote it about a year and a half ago.

Her Thoughts

I could almost see her thoughts stretching out like tendrils
And she finally began to smile
Then her words came at a slow pace that suited her
And I learned it was about her past she thought.
She remembered the wind
Ruffling the leaves of tree branches
It sounded like rain to her.

Then any remaining hesitation did break.
And her voice and confidence rose
Coming from a previously unexplored depth
She told me many memories that came to her
Like wearing a funny hat made of straw
And playing with childhood friends in the water

But now instead of there she was here.
Those memories were only a shadow
But something in her countenance looked changed to me.
In her face there was a new light
And she spoke as she drifted off to sleep
Telling me about an old pet pigeon
That as a child she did love.
But now it did not matter
For her mind was finally fixed.

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