dance with the opponent

float through the grass

laugh, smile, cut-off

look out and sing


a love of proportions

I have yet to see

I feel it

I sense it

must surely be


I hope you know

I wish the world to you

uncount the stars with you

unlace all shoes for you

foresee great love within you


may feel left out

but for good cause

I want for you happiness

and all you deserve


walk into the stars

the night caresses you

feeling the energy from you

this I see too


singing trees

whispering winds

one could only hope to be as lucky

love in earth

hand in hand

know I love you

your heart burns strong

know this true


could it be fate for you

I smile

I laugh

I love for you


this will always be



love, luck, hope joy, dreams

and all the more

to you