One In A Million

Summary: "Well, then, I guess we need to find the boy of your dreams." "Idiot, you're the boy of my dreams. You're my one in a million…"

Christabel Lynn Hathaway – Junior, 16

Jesse Bernard Donavan – Senior, 17

Alexandra Liana Francis – Junior, 16

Zachary Tyrell Andrews – Senior, 16-17

Daphne Olivia Lawrence - Senior, 17

Sebastian Avert Jones – Senior, 17

Hi, my name is Christabel Lynn Hathaway but you can call me Chrissy for short. So, all of you might be thinking, what kind of story is this? Well, for startles, I'll just tell you more about me…

I'm a sophisticated, shy kind of girl. I love reading, dancing, skate-boarding and most of all, surfing. I'm kind of an intelligent girl too. Not that confident but still good. I have two most amazing best friends.

Alexandra Liana Francis and Daphne Olivia Lawrence.

Alexandra is kind of a brave, confident kind of a girl. She's quite smart and an amazing friend to talk too. She lives two blocks away from me and we always have slumber parties every Saturday and Sunday with Daphne. And you can call her Lexy for short.

Daphne is a smart, drama-queen kind of a girl. Funny, huh? Smart but a drama-queen. Actually, to her, she hates being smart. She's kind of weird a little but she's a cool friend to discuss about fashion or boys. Ha-ha. She's 5 blocks away from me but hey, she can drive.

So, this story is actually about me, meeting the guy of my dreams. Common, huh? No. It's not a story that goes girl meeting the guy, they falls in love but something happen, girl caught boy kissing ex-girlfriend, she hates him, boy tried to explain, girl forgives, and they live happily ever after. No. That's not the kind of story I'm going to tell you.

The story will be very common in the beginning…but, tragic things will happen between me and the guy. Friends will start betraying each other; the guy I love will start lying to me and…things will become a bit hectic.

The guy I love is named Jesse Bernard Donavan. He's the most romantic, loveable, amazing guy I ever met. But why is he lying to me? Is he keeping stuff from me? Why is he avoiding me now? Did I love the right guy?


Based on a true life story…

Tell me if I should write the whole story. If you want to know what happen. It's just a really sad story and I thought I should share it with anyone who cares...but anyway, if you don't like it, then I'll delete it! I don't care actually. Not like I really make this story, I mean, I didn't invented it. I just heard of it. So, I make it into a story. Not my idea but my words.

What do ya' think? I think it still needs a little more work, right? A few grammar mistakes here and there but this is kind of like the summary. Lol. Anyway, it's really based on a true story.

Just the names I changed.

Who do you think is Chrissy?

Try and guess!!!