The modernistic method of expressing remorse…

Say you're sorry…

Is not to say anything

At all

So if I tremble, if I tumble

While I speak

As the words trip over my tongue

Vibrating, but held in by my teeth

Do not weary of my attempts

Instead, tremble with me

Let me understand

You understand,


Stand under

Me and support my failing courage

It took so long to build

Instead, tumble with me

Let me experience sympathy

Your empathy

No, apology

Tumble, stumble, fall and fail

I know the consequences

The outcome of such an action

See! My eyelids flutter!

See my breath quicken

And my hands shake

I ache

With the chance I have to take

I am…

I am…

I've made a mistake

I'll leave you instead

I'll leave

Taking nothing with me

Except your gift, your rights

And my chance

My life

But no one's "dignity"

I lost mine long ago

And no one says sorry anymore

Or didn't you know?