Megan McMahon summer of '07


Summer is the smell of fresh cut grass

The sand between your toes

Getting sunburn on your nose

The taste of the sweet funnel cake

The smell of greasy sunscreen

Life guards blowing whistles at kids

How Cotton Candy melts in your mouth

Sand stuck in your suit

Going on day adventures with friends

Spending all your money just to win a stuff animal

That you'll forget about a week later

The feeling that you ate way too much on a hot lazy day

The cold water on a hot day

Spending hours on end to get tan

But not being any darker at the end of the day

Fourth of July fireworks

Grandma's famous Vanilla ice cream

Going to pool parties

The salty taste in you mouth and on your lips after a day at the beach

In the beginning of September you wonder were your summer has gone

A/N: I hope you like it. I also hope when you read this you will think of the fun summer memories you made. R&R


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