From the author:

This is my first attempted at writing. I'm trying to write a story I would like to read.

Please review this, so I can improve not only my writing, but also my story.


The year is 2019, in a desert like land, there was a city in ruins, although the surroundings were deserted, the city was full of life, people selling salvage goods found in the debris, others rebuilding buildings. In the middle of the city there was a great plaza, in the centre a great monument in honour of a great battle that took place there and the warriors that fought it. In the bottom an inscription says:

In honour of those who fought the invisible war to protect the world from its dangers and to protect humanity from it self.

In honour of those who died fighting to free the world from the depression it was.

In honour of those who lived to tell us the truth of the world

In honour of Raziel and the Snow that gave us freedom.

In honour of life.

People passed by the monument and showed respect. Children gathered around elders who told the stories of the great battle that took place, from the heroes that fought it.

"Grandpa tell us the story of the present Angel Raziel gave us." – said a young boy while sitting on the ground in front of he's grandfather. – "Yes grandpa tell us." – the girl next him plead. At the same time a group of children and young teenagers sited in front of this elderly man, who was sitting in a small bench next to the great monument.

"There are few who know the real story, of the events that lead to the days we live in. I knew the man who chose to fight for us, even though he would have won more in fighting for the others." - "You knew Him?" One of the boys asked very excite to hear that. – "Yes, I knew Him. Great guy, a litle odd for his age. He had hope in humanity, even thought he did not believe the leaders of his time. But he knew it was the right thing to do, and he had faith that what ever he did was not in vain. He suffered more than anyone could, he sacrifice a lot to give us what we have today."

"Yeah and why run away after the fight and left us with ruins to live in, why not help out?" said one of the boys sitting in the group.

"Don't be disrespectful boy, if it was not for him, you would not be born, and the world would probably still be at war, or dead for that matter. If it wasn't for him your mother would have died even before the war started. And he did not simply run away, he went on a vacation if you want to call it that. He needed the rest, after what he did to save us... If you were in his place you would have gone too. So next time you feel like criticising others, think first."

The elder man lighted a smoking pipe, while it lean back to the wall, and began to tell the story of how the world gone to be what it is today.

This story begins in the birth of the universe. The Gods gathered to create life, so they unite all their powers and created the Universe. For aeon's it was good. Then one little planet call the attention of the Gods, creatures were evolving naturally, until a point where an intelligent creature ruled over, Men. And for a time it was good, the Gods took a peace of earth and thought Men, and for a time Men worshiped the Gods, and in their honor Men created religion. The Gods had many helpers, assistants, you may call them. Angels and demons, many are unknown to Men, others like Raziel are not. Raziel was an Archangel, who sited next to the Gods, and wrote in a book everything the Gods said. He was a scribe, of the Gods, if you will. But don't be fooled he was a fearsome warrior if he had to. When the Gods turned against each other, he was one of fighters in this war. In the end when the Gods found out that the war had started because of the greed of Men, and so they made a promise, not to intervene directly in Men's affairs. So instead, the Gods sent messengers, to influence Men. This messengers are what we know as half-breeds, they are demons or angels who would live among humans, and could influence their choices. Humans could see the half-breeds, but would only see them in human forms, but there were a few humans who could see them as they really were.

Because of this separation between Men and the Gods, Raziel gave the book to his most loyal half-breed angels, to hide it and guard it. And although angels and demons lived in peace some were greedy, or to them selves or to their masters. This lead to a "cold war" between angels and demons for the possession of The Book of Raziel. The fight was prolonged to a point that the Book one day, simply disappeared.

In 1970, give it or take a couple of years, in a remote country, a group of archaeologists found the Book, discovered what it was, the Book was given to the UN to decide it's fate.

The UN research the book with every resource, they called from experts from every area, and discovered they could advance human technology, medicine and others much faster with the assistance of the Book. But at what cost. The advances made from the knowledge of the Book were remarkable. But at the same time it open gateways to other worlds, creatures, demons and animals from other worlds came to ours. In the beginning half-breeds contained this, and integrated most of this other world creatures in our world.

Some half-breeds went further in the interaction with humans, some had relations with humans, and got married, but were unable to have children. This had to do with the fact that the genetics of half-breeds were incompatible with humans. But one day something happen, somehow a female half-breed demon became pregnant, the halfbreed was married, and was expecting a baby. This was described in The Book of Raziel, in the way of Prophecies, but would not be discovered for a few years, until after the birth of the Hybrid.

As every different human, in the beginning was afraid of the Hybrid. What Men did not know was that it would need the Hybrid's help, to stop an even greater threat, and that it would have the image of innocence.