Chapter Five – Where Is The Psychic?

In the UN office in Lisbon, in the underground facility, Mr Smith was making his report to his superiors.

"Mr. Smith, the Council is demands updates concerning 'Operation Blizzard'." – Said a men's voice from the computer screen in Mr. Smith's office.

"After we capture Codename 'Death', we were able to restrain Codename 'Snow', along with Codename 'Don'. Two men guarded the room, and after we injected the serum the demon was released. However the serum didn't have any effect in the demon. Snow entered an immediate come. The two guarded were immediately killed by the demon." – Mr. Smith said to the computer screen.

"Mr. Smith what does the serum do?" – Said a female voice from the screen.

"It's a mixture of a chemical to induce coma and some ingredients provided from our Xamãs. It induces a coma and the extra ingredients prevent the awakening of the subject. Unless a psychic is used to access the subjects mind and tries to free him. In this case the coma not only prevents Snow from awakening, but also frees the demon." "How did Snow and Don got away Mr. Smith, I thought the facility was secure?" – Said another male voice.

"An unknown subject entered the facility and was able to break our defences. As of now we have no leads concerning this unknown, but be assure we are investigating."

"Do you have any leads concerning the demon, Snow and Don?" – Said another male voice.

"Snow and Don are most probably with the unknown subject, location unknown. The demon was last seen exiting the city. It seems to be heading to somewhere in outskirts." – Mr Smith answered.

"One more thing, what's the status on 'Operation Lunar', have you found Codename 'Luna'?"

"No, but research indicates Luna has a connection with Snow."

"Very well Mr. Smith. We expect regular updates. Also initiate 'Operation Sin'" – Said the first voice.

In Lisbon outskirts, Anna was coming back from collage in the bus. Arriving at the bus stop, Anna got out of the bus and begun walking toward her house. Listening to her favourite singer 'Lucia' she adjusted the volume. She raised her head and saw a strange looking dog about fifty meters away. The dog was staring at her, and no one seemed to notice it was there. A car passed in front of her and the dog was gone. She looked around and thought it was just her imagination. Another car passed in front of her and the strange dog was now right in front of her, staring at her, from black it change slowly to silvery blue and she notice it wasn't a dog. She began backing up and the strange creature advance in her direction, like it was observing her, like it was analysing her face and her body. Then the strange creature stood up in two legs, taking a more human figure, and with its hands made a flower appeared from thin air. It was black and silver. It handed over to her, she very cautious accepted this strange gift. The strange creature made a small bow and disappeared.

Leo was pacing nervously and looking over to Peter and the girl who had just saved them. Peter was lying in a bed, in a white room, with a great view over the forest and a lake a couple hundred meters away.

"What are you doing?" – Leo asked the girl.

"He's temperature is a little high, just giving him some water. Relax, I'm not gone harm you or him. And I'm still waiting on the 'thank you'." – She smiled to Leo

"I'll thank you when you tell me who are you, where are we and why did you saved us."

"My name is Catherine but you can call me Kate. We are in a farm near the same area where Peter's house is. I saved you because I had to, because I wanted to, because someone asked me to and because…The last reason it just personal." – Kate said with a smile on her face.

"Explain, you had to, you were asked by who?" – Leo asked her.

"I was asked by Grim, he told me he would be caught by some kind of organization and that there was nothing to do about that, but that two young men would also be there that I should save, because they were important to something it was going to happen in the future. Don't bother to ask me what is going to happen, for I don't know, Grim was like the 'Oracle' character from that sci-fi movie, only said what you needed to hear." – Kate answered Leo while turning her attention to Peter who was making sounds, like it was struggling with something or someone.

"What happen to him?"

"He was put in a kind of coma, to separate the demon inside of him."

"The demon? You mean that strange looking dog?" – Leo asked half surprise half scared.


"But he was possessed or something?"

"No, he's a hybrid, his father was human, his mother was half-demon, and although it isn't possible the procreation between this two species, due to incompatible genes, somehow Peter was born. Peter is a hybrid, because he isn't half-human half-demon, but because he is human and demon at the same time."

"But isn't it the same thing?"

"No, while a half-breed has both characteristics from human and demon at the same time, Peter can have human, demon or both as he chooses. He doesn't had the proper training to do that, but he can do it. Only some people can see half-breeds for what they really are. I can, Peter can, the psychic can, even you. But we all need the proper training. Let's hope he can be waken to have that training."

"Can't you wake him up?"

"No, the serum injected in him had one ingredient that makes impossible to wake him, only with the help of a psychic can he be awake."

"How do you know that?"

"Because I gave someone the ingredient to make the serum."

Leo was trying to digest what he had just heard. The girl that had just saved them was the reason his fried was like that.

"And why the hell did you do that?"

"At the time I didn't know what it was for, I knew what the ingredient did, just not what it was going to be used on." – Kate said to Leo trying to explain the events leading to the situation. – "Grim gave it to me, and told me to give it to some half-breed – half-demon, half-human – And so I did it. Now I know what it was for and I know how we can wake him and get the demon back to his place, before it destroys something or someone."

"How?" – Leo asked.

"We need a psychic."

"You mean medium, like the one that talk to the dead or something?"

"No I mean a real psychic, Grim told me Peter knew one, but that her powers were dormant. We need to find her and bring her here."

"Who are you talking about?"

"A girl Peter talks to for a long time, but never actually met her. I believe they talked through the Internet."

"I think I know who you are talking about, he told me one day he talked with a girl from Lisbon or near Lisbon, but never met her. They stated talking about five to six years ago."

"Do you think you can find her?"


"Maybe you can talk to her online, can't you hack her computer or something to find out where she is?"

"Maybe, but I don't know how to contact her in the first place…"

"His cell phone, maybe there something there we could use."

They checked his cell phone and found a name and some text messages.

"It's got to be it." – Said Kate.

"I hope so." – Leo said looking for some more information it could be stored in the phone.

"Send her a message to go online, maybe we can confirm if it is her."

Leo turned to a computer sitting in a desk next to the bed, near the window overseeing the lake. He began stroking the keyboard keys, trying to find the girl in Peter's cell phone. "Wait a sec, I found another one, now what do we do?" – Kate said still going through Peter's phone list. – "Do you think we can get hold of both of them?"

"Just one thing, are we suppose to make one of them, or both for that matter, believe that Death was arrested by the Interpol, that Peter is some kind of demon, that we part of some master plan?" – Leo asked, looking to Kate.

"Well, yes." – Kate responded with a big smile on her face.

"People tend not to believe that sort of things…"

"You have to be more positive."

"How are we supposed to know witch one is the psychic?"

"We could ask, but I doubt they would know."

"Great, so we need to find which one of these to girls is a psychic, convince her that she is a psychic and get her to help us wake Peter, so we can save the world…"

"Yes." – Again Kate answered Leo's question with a big smile.

"Great, just great" – Leo blurted out.

"Relax, if we haven't fate in people how are we going to achieve anything?"

Peter stared struggling again, like it was fighting to free himself from something. Kate and Leo turned their attention to him, Kate grabbed a wet piece of cloth and putted in Peter's forehead. – "He's warming up. We need to find the psychic." – Said Kate

"Which one?"

"Get both, even if only one is the psychic, we could use any help we can get, after all we are fugitives." – Kate giggled realizing their currant state.

"You're right we are fugitives, what are my parents going to think, maybe the Interpol is already there." – Leo said standing up and reaching for his cell phone.

"Calm down, we can get them out if they have them, you can bring them here. No one will find them here." – Kate said reassuring Leo.

"How can you be so calm, how can you be so positive?"

"I try to face life with a positive attitude, things always go better that way. And am calm, because I have a gut feeling everything will work out."

"Are you sure we can get my parents to safety?"

"Yes, don't worry about it."

"I don't know why I trust you, why I believe this story…"

"It's because I am a very likable person." – Kate smiled – "And because it's true, deep down you know this story its true."

Leo smiled a little and then turned back to the computer. – "So let's find this two girls, so we can wake Peter. What were their names again?"

"Carla and Anna. Pretty names aren't they." – Kate said.

"Let's just hope we can get them here without any fuss…"

"That won't be a problem, the bigger problem will be covering for their disappearances, but let's let that detailed for later, as some people say we have bigger fish to fry." – Kate giggled.

Carla was arriving home after she did some shopping in the local mall. She was talking on her cell phone, when she heard a bip indicating a text message had been delivered. "Hold on a sec, let me check who sent me a message." – Carla said to the other person on the line. – "That's weird why did he send me a message?"

"Who?"- Asked the other person on the line.

"Just some guy who I used to talk to online. I haven't heard from him in years, what does he want?"

"When you read the message you find out. Any way I got to go, have to help Jake with something. Talk to you later."

"Ok, kisses."


Carla entered her house and put down the shopping bags, change clothes to something more comfortable and turned on her pc. – "Let's see what he wants." – She thought. She grabbed her cell phone and read the message.

'Need to talk to you. It's urgent, meet me in messenger'

"Let's see what's so urgent." – She thought while connecting to the messenger. She was curious, since they haven't talked in years. They usually checked their profile in an online community, but nothing special. She connected to the Internet and immediately the messenger popped out a message.

'Hi, please don't disconnect. I'm not Peter I got your number from his cell phone.'

'Why shouldn't I disconnect you just admit to steal my phone number from Peter's phone and you are using his account to talk to me.'

'He is very ill and needs your help, I can't explain much now. All I'm asking is for you to help him. Meet with us and then if you don't want to help you can be on your way.'

'Why should I meet with a stranger, who also steals phone numbers?'

'Look someone is about to knock your door, to take you to us. Peter really needs you help. Please.'

'What? Someone is at my door? How did you get my address, I never gave it to Peter.'

'That doesn't matter now.'

Suddenly the door bell rang. She looked back and slowly approached it. She peeked through the peek hole and asked – "Who is it?" – Kate was standing on the other side - "You don't know me, I'm a friend of Peter. You were just talking to someone who is asking for your help."

"How did you found this address, why do you need my help?" – Carla asked.

"Look we don't have much time, you can either come with me and help Peter, or I can drag you there." – Kate told Carla.

"I'm calling the cops!" – She answered.

"Please don't make me blow the door open, Peter really needs your help, is really a matter of life and death. Peter is very ill and you can help him."

"What can I do to help me? I'm not a doctor, what do you want from me?"

"Check your peek hole, see this screen, this is Peter right now, he is burning up, and hallucinating."

"What can I do about it?"

"Honestly I don't know, but he has called your name and we thought if you were there you could make a difference."

Carla opened the door slowly and looked at Kate. – "Is he really ill?"

Twenty minutes early in the Lisbon outskirts Anna was still thinking of the strange encounter with that strange creature. Still holding the dark rose in her hands, she couldn't stop feeling a little scared but also feeling some kind of connection to that strange creature.

She stepped inside her house and put down her bag, with books and her laptop. Went to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat and found some cake left from yesterday's dinner dessert. After grabbing a slice of cake and a glass of milk, she went to her bedroom. Anna put the glass of milk and the plate with the slice of cake on her desk, turned on the computer, put some music from her favourite singer and lay down on her bed. A few second later a pop up window appeared on her screen with an alert sound.

Anna went to her desk gave a bite on the slice of cake and drunk some milk. – 'No one let's me rest five minutes…' – She thought.

'You're Anna right? I'm a friend of Peter's. He needs your help.'

'Peter, stop fooling around…'

'I'm not Peter and I'm not fooling around. He is very ill and he needs your help.'

'What are you talking about?'

Another pop up window opened, this one showing images from a webcam. It showed Peter with a piece of cloth in his forehead and hallucinating.

'What kind of sick joke is this?'

'No joke, he's really bad, a girl named Kate should be knocking on your door any second now.'

'What? How? I never gave my address not even to Peter.'

'Don't mind that now. Please help him. She will take you to Peter. Please.'

Anna heard a knocking sound on her front door, got up and looked back to the computer screen, still showing Peter in bed struggling with no one. She approach the door – "Who's there?"

"It's Kate, you don't know me, I'm here to take you to Peter. He really needs your help."

"How did you get my address?"

"That doesn't matter now. We don't have much time."

Anna remembered the strange visit she had from the Grim character. Saying Peter would need help. She went back to her room, put her sneakers on and looked at the dark rose and looked back to the computer screen. She grabbed the rose and went back to the front door.

"Where is he?"