You should get famous and stand
right on your toes. You should look over
their shoulders for them and let
them know what not to expect,
so their hope doesn't grow.
You should get ready for a big
burst of energy, and your dreams
to collide, and realize you're all the
bad guys.
When you're represented in nightmares
that are more useful than dreams.
The terrors that help you come to
terms with your fears.
It's important to know, when you're
thinking asleep, if you're scared and
need help, you are the one chasing
yourself. 'Cause it's you, the one that
dreams, that represents ALL the characters,
and for you what does that mean?
What does that mean?
You should get lucky and buy me an island
that is abundant with change.
Whether it be copper or nickel, or the
kind that transforms, if there is an
infestation, I'll never want more.
You should get married and invite me
to celebrate, and dance with me
at the reception. And file the papers
and explain to your love all about
the deception.
You should get moving, but quicker this
time, to accomplish more things in
life. All the shit that laughs in your
head as you hope and fantasize.
It doesn't know it'll be conquered,
never copied, just tossed below. Another
completed goal that you can throw behind
you, as you do everything on top of
your toes.