Secret Meanings (17 Haikus)

I'm a brown-eyed girl.
You have brown eyes, too and I
was born with deep blue

eyes, were you? I may
not be beautiful but I
need you 'cause you are.

I am letting the
letters pile up, just so
lazy lately. But,

tonight I read your
poetry and feel the need
to get some needed

sleep. It will not come
easily like when I was
at your place with a

headache, and since you
touched the pills before I took,
or swallowed them, the

throbbing subsided
quickly, and your gentle touch
didn't hurt, it helped.

And I was on the
couch, and you were in the bed,
up 'til twelve AM,

When the pain was gone
from my skull, and I realized
you had not fallen

asleep at all. These
haikus leave me free to use
no big words. Not to

impress, yet, not to
forget. My grammar doesn't
even need to be

correct. And it makes
it easier to write stuff
about you, even

though I'm trying to
let go. Maria is your
family, and I

think it's harder now.
I always thought that these old
fantasies would not

ever get played out.
So tonight I try to find
meanings in your words

and sounds. These secrets
that are hidden, or so I
like to think. Because

I'll be so very
much embarrassed if they are
right in front of me.