A/N: lol, here I am on Fictionpress. This is some lame-o poem I wrote when my first boyfriend broke up with me...what a retard. Anyways, here it is. Nya.

I promised myself it wouldn't matter,
I promised myself I wouldn't care.
But every time I close my eyes,
Your face always seems to linger there.

On that fateful day you said "Yes" to me,
And I was lost in ectasy.
But 8 days later you would say,
"I was thinking of breaking up with you today."

My mom called and I had to go,
But I just wanted you to know:
I didn't really give a fuck
'Bout breaking up and run out luck.

But now I see you every day,
In an agonizing way.
My heart just seems to stop and freeze,
As you walk by, trailing a breeze.

I guess this poem is near done,
And I know that I'm the only one
Who has to pay for what you did
While you go on, acting a kid.