A/N: Another one of my poems...I like this one better. I think I might have written this at an old friend's house, I don't remember. Anyways, read and enjoy, review if you feel like it.

I look at your face
In your eyes I see love
And as we embrace
I look up above

They say stars tell stories
And they mostly come true
I let go of worries
Because I'm with you

This won't last forever
That's something I know
But while we're together
It's hard to let go

If this is true love
That's something I hope
If life gives me a shove
I'm not sure I can cope

If life is a dream
And we die when we wake
Then love, it would see,
Is my biggest intake

As the end draws near
This poem's near done
I hold you so dear
My lovely, my one.