A/N: An angsty poem I wrote when my friend was being a bitch, after she had recently gained a boyfriend. Girls sometimes. Honestly.

What has he done to you, this man in your life?
Talking to you is like being stabbed with a sife.
You no longer care, you don't give a fuck.
It seems like my life has run down on it's luck.

I tell you my life, nearly everything that I know.
But when I ask you if you care, you always say "No."
I ask myself if it's worth the effort anymore,
Or if I should just look back and close friendship's door.

I love you so much, and I love you still.
But the words that you tell me are words that can kill.
You've been with me always, the good and the bad.
But now everything that you do makes me sad.

I'm still holding on to the tiniest hope,
'Cause I know that there's one more day I can cope.
I hope that you still love me, like you did back then.
And now this shit poem is has reached a dead end.