A/N: A poem I wrote after finishing the book The Amber Spyglass. God, the end of that book was SAD.
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How can you be so close,

And yet feel so far away?

With tears running down my nose,

I don't know what to say.

I love you so much,

That's what it would seem.

But our love and such,

Seems to live only in dreams.

I wish I could touch you,

And feel with care,

The skin that beholds you,

And feels so fair.

Your beautiful face,

And delicate cheeks.

But these things I chase,

Seem so out of reach.

I long to be with you,

A person so kind.

Because when I'm with you,

I tend to unwind.

This poem's near over,

One last thing to say:

I will always love you,

All the time, all the way.