A/N: Daaaaamn. I wrote this a looong time ago. I just might continue it, who knows.
Anyways. It's generally about two teens who manage to save up enough money to go to Hawaii (they should have bought a car...). Read and review, tell me if I should continue.

She ran and she ran with all of her might
'Cause here and her sweetheart were missing their flight.
They stopped, they laughed, and then shared a kiss.
The flight was just one more thing they could miss.

"C'mon," the boy said, who was barely sixteen,
"Let's head farther down and keep our eyes keen."
They giggled, they laughed, then head down the isles
Which seemed to stretch on for miles and miles.

They stopped for a breath and let out a sigh.
The chances of them finding their plane seemed like nigh.
"Look!" the girl squealed, "It's gate 107!
This final stop may just be our flight to heaven!"

The boy looked around, the girl had been right.
Gate 107 was there in plain sight.
He smiled and then pulled their luggage around.
The announcer, it seemed, had not made a sound.

They went to check in, then got on the plane.
They had only each other to keep themselves sane.
This trip to Hawaii had left them dead broke.
It was clear to their families this wasn't a joke.

Their seats were together, the girl and the boy.
The start of the engine would bring them pure joy.
For now they just sat and waited for people.
'Cause taking a trip just isn't that simple.

"I'm tired," the girl said, and started to lean.
"5 hours is a great time to rest, it would seem."
The boy sat and smiled, his shoulder was warm.
The girl's head had made itself at home without warn.

The last person boarded the plane really slow
For a reason that only that person would know.
All passengers let out a sigh as he sat.
Then stretched out his legs and lay his feet flat.

The attendant announced that the plane would fly soon
And that they'd arrive in Hawaii at the rise of the moon.
The kids & toddlers began to shift in their seats
With a secret huge fear of attempting this feat.

"Mom?" a girl asked, with fear in her eyes,
"Are you pretty sure that we're gonna survive?"
The teenagers smiled as the mother said "Yes.
This plane's going to land, and that's my best bet."

The boy looked at the girl as she snuggled close,
Then gave her an Eskimo kiss with his nose.
"We can do this," he said, with a wink in his eye.
"In a matter of minutes we'll be in the sky."

He then closed his eyes and laid back his head
In his mind there wasn't one drop of dread.
The engine had started with a thunderous roar.
It taxied, then lifted, then began to soar.