A/N: The first Character Profile in my wonderfuliscious story! This is Sarah, an evil-fighting, superpowered girl who would love nothing more than to curl up in a chair and chat on the internet. Read, review, and enjoy


Sarah lay on ber couch, her feet on the armrest, sipping a coke. She wished that they still came in glass bottles, like they used to, so she could look more sophisticated. For the meantime, she just looked lazy. Like she had nothing better to do on a Saturday morning.

Which, honestly, she didn't. All her friends were off somewhere, doing something. Not that I have very many friends, anyways, she thought with a sigh. She had a secret big enough to kill, so she didn't have any real friends. Nobody knew where she went on a Saturday night.

It certianly wasn't the movies. Sarah sank lower in her chair. I wish. She led an exciting life, granted, but exciting wasn't always good. Or safe. She had been very nearly killed a number of times, doing what she did on a Saturday night.

Which she wasn't going to tell anybody. If her secret got out, it could not only put her life in danger, but the lives of other people. People she knew existed. Who might even go to her school. That would be quite sad, though. 13 was quite young.

She looked with disdain at the empty bottle of soda in her hand. Now she really had nothing to do. She could just lie there alone with her thoughts for a while, but that wasn't such a good idea. Things had a tendency to happen when she did that. Then she thought of the place she always went to when she was bored: the internet. There was always something to do there.

Sighing, Sarah threw her legs over the side of the couch and stood up. With feeling returning to her feet, she walked down the hall into her bedroom. She pushed the "on" button on her computer, then flopped onto her bed, her face in a pillow. Today really is a lazy day, she thought to herself. Getting up and doing something seemed like it would take too much effort. Finally her computer flashed the log-in screen.

She typed in her password as she lowered herself into her chair, yawning. She hoped that there was something to do on the 'net, like a game or a debate or something. As it usually did, the messenger window popped up.

Green Tree was the screen name of a girl that Sarah had met that summer at the county fair. Because she was extremely bored, (and sleepy, for that matter), Sarah decided to take a look at her web page. She was half curious as well. She clicked on the icon, and a page popped up. She began to read it.

It had a very pretty picture of the girl (whose name was Rietta Talscoli) at the top left corner of the page, with her name, age, and screen name next to it. The rest of the page consisted mostly of things about herself, her friends, and her life. Two particular phrases stood out to Sarah.

"My religion is my life." and "Don't say that witches are evil, and that they should be hanged. That was a long time ago."

It took her a while, but Sarah finally put two and two together. Her heart beating fast, she opened up the IM window, and double-clicked on "Green Tree".

Good Sarah: Hey, Rietta, are you a witch? You know, into Wicca and everything?

After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only 10 seconds, a reply appeared.

Green Tree: ya.

Hands shaking, Sarah grinned. So they are out there.