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"I know camo is in these days, but I don't think this shirt goes with it. What do you think, Pink?" Pink, who was a dog, looked at the shirt Maxine was holding, then looked at an all-black tanktop.

"Of course!" Max screamed in delight, clapping her hands. Black may be a bit emo, and tanktops are usually for summer, but this is SoCal. You can get away with it. Pink, you are a fashion genius." Pink wagged her tail happily.

To be more specific on the subject of "dog", Pink was a yellow labrador retriever puppy, (with white fur), about 4 months old, who was very intelligent (and had a good fashion taste). She was named Pink partially because she was a girl, partially because Max liked pink, and mostly because she had managed to eat a pink marker the first week she had lived with Max and her parents. Mostly Max, though, because her parents weren't around that often.

After she had slipped into her new outfit, Maxine (whose nickname was Max, if you haven't figured that out) gabbed Pink's leash, opened her bedroom door, and stepped out into the hallway with Pink bounding behind her in a all-too puppy- like way. "C'mon, Pinky," Max sang, glancing behind her, "We're going on a walkie. Mommy has to burn off all those calories from eating that cup of ramen earlier." Pink's tail seemed to wag even faster as she ran towards the front door. She loved walks ever so much.

"Sit," Max commanded, looking down at her. Pink did as she was told. "You must be a dog genius. You've only lived with us for two months, and you're already doing what you're asked to do." Pink couldn't help but bark in approval. "Now now," Max scolded, "No barking. The neighbors don't like that. Come now, let's start on our walk." Pink bounded out the front door and down the steps as soon as she had her leash on, almost causing Max to trip. Max let out a yelp, then ran with her puppy as far as she could.

Which was pretty far.

After running halfway to the local park, she gave up and collapsed on someone's front lawn, her water bottle miraculously still clutched in her hand. Pink came and sat beside her, heavily panting.

"Here, Pink," Max offered. "Have some of my water." The dog licked up the water as it trickled out of the water bottle. After waiting a few seconds, Max lifted up the water bottle and drank some for herself. She gulped down about a pint, then gave a refreshed sigh. "Come on now," she urged Pink, as she saw a displeased-looking man look out of his house at them. "Let's finish what we started. But now we walk." So, girl and dog walked the next 10 minutes in silence. Max wondered where her parents were and when they were getting home. Pink was busy taking in exciting new smells and throwing teasing looks at dogs cooped up in their homes. For Max, it was a time to think things over. For Pink, it was a time to be a dog. After 10 minutes of doing this had passed, they arrived at the park.

Pink immediately began to pull toward a big open feild. Max tugged back. "Uh unh," she scolded. "We can't go there. That's where people play sports. We have to go over to the dog area." The puppy gave one last look at the lush, green grass, then followed her owner.

In the short span of 30 seconds, Pink became grateful for this. There were tons of dogs at the special area, most of them which were playful and friendly. For her, it was dog ectasy.

For Max, it was depressing. Pink was romping around, playing with other dogs, while she was completely alone. Most of her friends were over the internet, and her parents didn't usually come home until about 5:30. Just in time to make and serve a pre-made dinner, then go to their bedroom for some "alone time". The only time Max really got to spend with her parents was either late at night or early in the morning, or on the occasional weekend that they weren't off somewhere. It made her jealous of kids who's parents worked part-time.

She watched Pink play for a little while, then looked up at the sky. It seemed so immense and unexplored.

Pink, who was very tired by this time, took that action as an invitation to run and jump into Max's lap. After that she lay her head on Max's knee and fell asleep. Max looked down at her and smiled, then lay her head back again. After a while she fell asleep as well.

People stopped to look at them, but didn't disturb them. Some people took out their cell phones and took a picture. Other dogs came over to check them out, until a man came up to Maxine and tapped her on the shoulder.

"Hey, girl, are your parents home?"

Max looked at him, startled, then sat up. "Uh, no, they usually don't come home for another two hours. We should be going, though. Come on, Pink." Pink grudgingly hopped off her lap and stretched her legs.

Another two hours? the man thought as they walked away. What kind of parents does this girl have?