It was early that morning when Andy found it.

Thrust without much thought into his junk drawer. A small, metallic, yellow star with four words etched into it: To my best friend.

He took the the trinket and slipped it into his pocket before making his way outside. He hopped onto his favorite bicycle, the one with the faded blue paint, and began peddling with a certain destination in mind. He took in the feel of the chilly morning air as he wove his way down the abandoned city streets. It was too early yet for any real activity to be going on so the lack of people wasn't surprising to him.

As he rounded the corner between his old school and the bakery shop, he jumped off the bicycle and propped it up against the brick wall that was there. He glanced at his watch and noticed that he was just in time for the small shop's opening. So, he strode up to the door after the 'closed' sign was flipped to 'open' and made his way in. An older, grey-haired man was awaiting him at the counter. He perked up as Andy approached him.

"Two buns please." He told the man, pointing to the cheese-filled ones that his friend always liked. The man nodded and placed the bread into a brown bag for him. He thanked, paid the man and headed out the door.After he took the care to stuff the bag into his jacket in a way that wouldn't cause the buns to be smashed, he got back on his bicycle and peddled off.

After passing the old bookstore he used to force his friend to frequent with him and the artshop his friend forced him to, he saw his destination coming into view. The morning sun caused reflections to bounce off the stones and fog rose up on the ground which made it hard to see. Andy knew the way by heart though, so it didn't bother him much...that is untill he ran over a pile of shattered glass lying in grass just beyond the gate of his destination. It slashed his bicycle tire and he was forced to drag it down the rest of the way. He trekked down a hill, made his way down the gravel path and found the place where he was aiming for.

It was a small area surrounded by many other stones, some of which were cracked and unattended to. Not his friend's though. He made sure it was well taken care of.

Dropping his bicycle to the ground beside him, he removed the paper bag from his jacket and sat down infront of his friend's stone. Taking the buns out of their package, he placed one at the base of the stone and took the other into his own hand. Breaking off a piece of the fesh bread, he laid backwards so that his head was next to the stone and gazed up at the sky. The sun had risen fully and orange light no longer painted the blue.

"I found something today..." Andy began quietly, "'s the star you gave me when we were younger." He took the trinket out of his pocket and held it up to the sky so that that sunbeams reflected off of it. He couldn't help but let a tiny smile grace his lips at the far off memory the action induced.

A pained frown took its place almost immediately.

He glanced forlornly over at his bicycle broken on the ground and couldn't help but find it's state mocking him. He turned onto his side to escape the sight and curled up closer to the cold stone that had taken the place of his friend.


Tears welled up in his eyes. He couldn't stop them from spilling over the edges.

"...why do things always change?" He wept. "Why do things become broken?"

He clenched his hands into the dirt around him not caring if it dug up under his fingernails.

"Why couldn't I just ride my bicycle in peace forever with you?"

He felt the pointed ends of the small star tear into his palm as his reality continued to weigh down upon him. There was nothing he could do, nothing at all.



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Also, much thanks to my friend Justin who inspired this fiction with a song. : D