The less humans know the less in control they feel and the less in control they feel the more fear will grow. After all it's within human nature to fear the unknown.

July 8, 1992

They were being surrounded, soon they knew there would be nothing left to do but run if they were to survive. Rachel Gentry looked at her husband with tears in her eyes. For her life, for her love, and for her children they would have to make the biggest sacrifice and leave everything behind.

The pack took only what they could carry, slung on their backs like messenger bags, taking shape they ran.

They were not murderers, they were hunters. They were not thieves they were scavengers. They did what they had to to survive. Now they would be lucky if they could leave with their lives.

Rachel, with her youngest cub in her mouth fled as far as she could, she didn't turn back though dhe heard the gun shots of the humans ring. The tears were falling like rain down her cheeks but she would not let her cubs see them, not when their lives depended on them her being strong.

She made it just over the valley when she heard that one shot rang out. She heard the whine and the bite of flesh before she even realized who it hit, her son. She looks on the floor where her eldest son, only 18 years old laid. She heard another shot and then another, they were coming faster as the hunters came closer upon them.

Her husband, Gawain was the second to fall, she whirled in horror as he let out a howl. All around her, members of the pack were beginning to fall. The click of a gun had her spinning back to her original direction. And there above her stood her very fear, a hunter. The gun was aimed at the pup in her mouth. She let out a growl. Not one more of her babies would die that night.

Dropping the pup she let out a growl, frothing in absolute rage. She let her animalistic side take over, the world was suddenly viewed in red. Her claws became sharper, her teeth grown out more. She launched, aiming for the hunters blood. She nipped and scratched making sure her babies would not be harmed by this hunter. She snarled, slashing her claws and biting down, there would be no escape.

Enraged as she was she never saw another hunter approach her until she felt the butt of his gun on her head. She looked up in time to see another female her grabs her babes, she gave a grateful nod already knowing what was to come. And sure enough it came.

Rachel never made it out that night, out of a clan of forty- five only twenty- nine mad it out alive that night.

Present Day

Lane rolled her eyes as she watched the guys fight, she swore, was she destined to be surrounded by idiots? Or was that just her luck?

"Walker, Timmy, Fallon.. do you think you can act like your mothers taugh you manners for once in your life?" Lane's best friend Kim sounded smart mouthed as ever, Lane couldn't help but love her for it.

"Are you saying something bad about our moms?" Fallow sounded offened, Lan again rolled her eyes. It was times like these where she wondered how Fallon made it pass middle school.

"No stupid, I was insulting you!" Kim snorted, "Jeez, how the hell did you pass school?"

Fallow smirked, "Cause I am highly intelligent, thank you very much!"

"Yea, in your head." Kim muttered, "And your not welcome!"

Fallon frowned, glaring whole at Kim. Kin just smirked back.

"Guys, guys!" Ron, Kim's boyfriend, and the only normal male there stepped in. "We're here on vacation, can we please just enjoy this peacefully?"

Fallow sneered, "Sure we will, when you put your bitch on her leash!" He laughed, to Lane's disgust and Kim's anger Walker and Timmy joined in on Fallon's laughter.

"You stupid son of a bitch!" Kim launched, it took Ron and Lane to hold her back. "I swear when I get my hands on you, your ass in mine!"

"Oh I always knew you wanted my ass."


It took Lane a moment to realize they were gaining quite the crowd. People all over Budapest were lining up, watching in interest. Probaly wondering if that was how all Americans acted. She bit back a groan. "Kim, will you please calm down?"


"But Kim…"


"But Kim! We're gaining audience. Audience including police!"

Kim immediately stopped struggling and whirled around. Sure enough there was police. She gave an akward laugh and waved. "Err.. hi? Sorry about that."

Ron and Lane shook his head while Walker, Tim, and Fallon laughed like hyenas. Kim glared at them to shut up, they gave her cheeky grins.

"Stupid, arrogant, little pricks." Kim muttered.

Silently Lane and Ron agreed. It was a known fact around the neighborhood back at home that Walker, Timmy, and Fallon were dickheads. They ruled high school with fear, and thye loved cracking on people who wouldn't take their crap. Namely, they loved cracking on Kim and Lane. For some reason the only person they didn't bother or annoy was Ron, and that was because Ron helped them get through elementary, middle, and high school. So they considered Ron a 'pal'. Not that Ron gave a crap he was just too nice, which was why Kimand Lane decided to kill him later.

"Remind me again why you invited them to come with us our vacation?" Lane asked Ron.

Ron blushed sheepishly. "Cause we need protection?"

"Na uh."

"Because they are actually nice?"

The entire group turned to stare at Ron, he blushed harder. "Yea, I know. Stupid answer."

"Damn straight!" Fallon and Kim growled out, only to turn and glare at each other.

Lane sighed, "Guys let's just head back to the hotel room and call it a night?"

"A night?" Timmy sounded appalled. "But it's still early? The day is still young!"

"It's nine o'clock at night."

"Right so lets go party!"

"Ok, where genius?"


"Exactly, you have no clue. Look we'll get a map tomorrow and go look around and stuff alight? But we'll do it tomorrow!"

"Aw man!" Fallon whined. "You guys are no fun!"

Kim rolled her eyes. "You wouldn't know fun if it bit you in the ass."

"Hey I know fun, I know fun better than you!"

"Fun not counting sex and beer dumb ass!"

Fallon pouted, "But there is nothing fun without sex and beer!"

"Oh? And who the hell are you planning to do it with? The local chicks who probably don't even understand you? And where do you plan to find American beer?" Kim asked smugly.

Fallon paled as he figured it out. They were here to tour, just tour. "Noooo!!" He cried out dramatically.

"Chill.." Walker spoke out for the first time since they got off their plane. "Worse case scenario we'll use vodka and bang gang Laney girl here." He pointed out Lane with a smirk. She in turn scowled and glared, backing up against an equally pissed off and uncomfortable Kim.

"You can go suck dick!" Kim spat out.

"Sure. Fallon, Timmy you up for it?" He got down on his knees in front of the two boys pretending to suck. The three of them laughed. Lane, Kim, and Ron rolled they're eyes and walked away.

Across town in the back streets next to the forest the pack met up. Younger wolves jumped around the walls exitedly.

Everyone went silent as the leader approached. Byron, the current leader, nudged for his successor to step forward as he addressed they're people. "Tonight my fellow wolflings. I have come to address you of tomorrow night. The hunt will start. The time for our next generation to claim mate will be tomorrow. Be prepared. Mating is like marriage, once we mate we mate for life and the bond will grow strong. So fathers and mother, if your daughter is old enough kiss her forehead sweetly tonight and spend as much of the next day and this night as you can with her for tomorrow your little girl may be another wolfs' lady." Everyone nodded. "Tommorrow, my successor, my adopted son of our deceased members Gawain and Raxchel, Kida will be released tomorrow night. He will be your new leader starting tomorrow and he will be on the hunt for your mate." Byron paused letting it sink in. "Tommorrow when you feel the bond, young ones. Do not be afraid. Mates are chosen by our inner beasts and hearts, the attraction is most strong and ardent, you will know immediatey when it strikes. Tommorrow cubs will be sired and blood may be spilled but do not be frightened. Tommorrow will be a great day for you!" Everyone cheered, Byron smiled. He turned to Kida with a fatherly look in his eyes. "Are you ready? Kida?"

Kida smirked, "Don't worry. My mate will not be able to run or hide from me." Byron nodded with a smirk. Together they turned back to watch their people. Kida put on a small smile of his on. 'Soon my mate, you will be with and belong to me.'

'Soon my mate, you will be with and belong to me.' Lane awoke with a start, those words and that voice ringing in her head. "Oh God!" She gasped out loudly.

Her roommate Kim sat up sharply and full of alert. "What happened? Wheres' the fire?!"

Lane smiled. "It's ok Kim, I just thought I heard something. But it's nothing, go back to sleep." Kim snorted, but laid down. In her own bed Lane laid back down as well and repeated. "It's nothing." She hoped it was nothing.

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