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Her hair was straightened with a barrette of pink crystals tucked neatly in place. His hair was ruffled and messy.

Her outfit was cute. A denim skirt, a pink camisole and black flip-flops. It contrasted deeply with his tight jeans, Vans shoes and Element t-shirt.

Her skin was olive, slightly tanned and flawless. His skin was paler. His lips were a sharp pink and inviting her in. His skin was flawless as well and in the moonlight, he looked beautiful.

Her eyes were blue, his green. But as he stood on her front porch, the teddy bear he had won for her in his hand, he couldn't help but stare. They were gorgeous, an endless ocean of beauty. His eyes. She could get lost in his eyes, his forest. And perhaps they had become lost.

Both were contrasting and both belonged on different sides of the tracks and yet… here they were. Smiling awkwardly and staring. He hadn't even noticed it, but he had grabbed her hand. Her petite tiny hand was in his. And he loved the feeling.

She began to swing the hand back and forth, a gentle move. "I had fun Jason." She spoke, her voice silky.

"I did too." He smiled at her again. She looked beautiful. Her hair was soft and shining lightly from the moonlight.

The moment felt so right, so good… perfect. That was why, when their lips crashed, neither protested.

That was why when they resurfaced for air, they both looked slightly saddened that the night was over. She tucked her hair behind her ear and kissed his cheek one more time. "Good night." She breathed.

"Good night, Rachel." When the door closed his hand traveled back to where her lips had been. They still tingled.

First dates. First kisses. First loves. They were perfect.


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